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my banner of ppl form cbi i'm gonna switch it evry otha day or so now with other banners!!! so give me pictures now!!! hey all my friends from cbi(community boating inc.) ... as you all should no by now im now dockstaff(yes!!!!) well im gonna shut up now and here what your here for the pictures of j.p. 2003... wow jp 04 is almost here. well in the mean time, if your free may 2nd im me at sailor875 (im on aim) . Its gonna be my birthday party and if all goes to plan were going sailing. rsvp asap. keep coming back here ill post the paper you will have to get sign in order to go sailing with me that day as soon as i can get a copy of it. leftovers from pie eating contest me and mike st.bernad ,and unis finished it off. lol omg i realy need to shrink this image but im way to lazzy... if anyone wants to help me being administrator on this site please tell me i dont have much time for it. If you have any pics of friends form cbi give me a copy and ill post it up !!! jp olymipcs denzel wearing lifejackets go team mongolia!!!(dan dings team(also mine) )thnx john cline we will always rember you by those few minutes of glory. We owe a lot to john cline he made my dream of cheating like the staff a reality... if your reading this john remember that i will make sure that you legacy of helping us wont be forgotten ... aslos to any jp staff watch out i will find a new spy for my jp olympic team just you wait and see denzel at my house as denzel put it"sexy beast" i thinbk he looks like a crack head in it but we all know he isnt. as zach put it so nicely "omg the appcolipse is comming"- after i told him denzels been going out with a gurls for more than 2 weeks.

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