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 Inside at Mary Beth's

Here is what some of our clients think of us!

Mary Beth is amazing and she has made an incredible difference in the lives of our children. She nurtures them and teaches them things we struggle with. She treats them like they are family. She plays with at their level and she laughs and cries with them as needed. Beth is honest, real and trustworthy. She lets you know if the kids had a rough day or if things were tough, but she will also tell you how great your kids are. We couldn't do it with-out her.   Brian and Teresa H. home link

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The first time we met Beth was by chance. Our little baby girl was seriously injured on school property and Mary Beth came to our aid offering her services and her friendship. We have been with Mary Beth ever since. She is the only child care provider our daughter has ever known. When she was younger and we would come to get her she would hold onto Beth and refuse to come home with us. There is incredible love for all of the children at Mary Beths Day Care. You can feel it. These days We live quite a ways away from Mary Beth's and with our schedules, we have to travel an additional 30 miles a day to keep our daughter there but we wouldn't have it any other way.   Mike and Sylvia M.
I would like to recommend Mary Beth's Day Care center to anyone needing child care services. I have found her facility to be clean,loving and accomodating. I find her willingness to pick the kids up from the local schools to be above and beyond the call of duty. I am very grateful for the quality care and nutrition my son receives when he is at the center. Thank You Beth.    Susan Y. Image or Mary Beth
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