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For tracking multiple Seti@home clients
Wilson's Alumni
An alumni site for my old school Wilson's
Sweeting Portal
Ancestry research and the Sweeting directory
Mark Sweeting
Explorer / entrepreneur a mini-mirror

This site represents just a small amount of the information available at the main the Sweeting portal site.

Other mini-mirror sites:

The main site is broken down into two sections: (1) a Sweeting Portal, and (2) Mark Sweeting's personal web site.

The Sweeting Portal contains information regarding Sweeting genealogy, a global Sweeting directory, maps showing Sweeting distribution, and much more!

Mark Sweeting's home page contains information relating to my academic interests (archaeology), my Open Source SETI@home progress tracking application called SETIState, a photo gallery, details of web sites I have worked on in the past, and a few other bits and bobs.

Basically, if you are interested in anything on this 'mini-morror', then you ought to go to the main site:

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