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Li Zhang’s Resume

19 Beurling Cres. Saskatoon SK Canada S7H 4V6

Home Phone: (306) 931-4793


May 18, 2003



     Seeking a challenging position as a Programmer Analyst or Web/Database Developer, that can take full advantage of my experiences in the field of computer science/ mathematics to develop leading edge applications.


Summary of Qualifications


Operating Systems:

     Windows, UNIX, Mac



     SQL Server 2000, MSDE, MS Access, Visual FoxPro


Programming languages:

     Java, VB/, C, C++, Visual C++, VBA macro, Visual FoxPro, Eiffel, Delphi, Prolog, etc


Script languages/Other:

     SQL, ASP/, JavaScript, HTML, UNIX Shell Script, Perl, regular expression, Win API calls, XmlRpc, etc


Special Skills:

  • Knowledge with SOAP, DCOM/COM+, Java RMI, and IIOP/CORBA, also having experienced working with first three of them
  • Conducted Object-Oriented system analysis, design with UML
  • Design relational databases, proficient with SQL and SQLXML
  • Proficient with Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual
  • Proficient with Soap Toolkit 3.0
  • Design and implement graphic user interfaces in different languages
  • Microsoft Office - VBA - Advanced Word macro development.




Bachelor's Degree (great distinction) in Computer Science at University of Saskatchewan from Sept. 1997 to May, 2002


Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics at Harbin Teacher’s University in China from July. 1991 to July, 1994


Certificate in Mathematics at Harbin Teacher’s College in China from July 1984 to July, 1987




Inroad Solutions Inc.  Saskatoon, SK.  Canada   (May.  2000 – Present)



1.  Learnshpere – (huge project ) (May. 2000 - present)

     An advanced e-learning authoring and deployment system, included numerous of projects from Course Authoring Environment, Evaluation-Manager, Media-Manager, Template-Manager and the relative projects are Installation, On-line both student (delivery course) and administration sties, etc. Those are involved the different kinds of multi-tiered web and Client/server applications.


  • Fully database design, create databases and tables, their relationships, diagrams, etc on SQL server 2000, and optimize queries by SQL Query analyzer
  • Designed and developed VB, VC++, COM+ components’ library to integrate Web-based and client/server applications, or distributed the components to clients to complete RPC with components/database on the server
  • Implemented of Microsoft Word using Macro (VBA) and VB, provided the user friendly interface to accomplish the addition functions by calling win API calls, MSI (server COM+ components), etc
  • Participated in the implementation of installer for Windows – using Visual Studio Installer utility and extensive Win API calls
  • Designed and developed three-tiered web applications, front-end ASP to SQL Server 2000 using COM+ components: (e.g.) Deliver Course Content on the fly, Bulletin Board, On-line Administration, etc
  • Participated in the implementation on-line Chat Room (java Applet), and fully tested on Netscape 4.0 higher, IE 5.0 higher on Windows and Mac
  • Using appropriate error handling technique in the implementation, improve performance, robustness and bugs can be written into log file
  • Upgrading our current applications to .net by using and Soap Toolkit 3.0 recently


2. Time Sheet and Progress Report System (in-house used, May–July 2002)

     A in-house tool, a management system of developing projects, which collects employees’ daily and weekly progress and do analysis about how time having be spent on each project, each employee’s contribution.


  • Analysis the requirement
  • Database design, create database and tables, their relationships, etc
  • Partial implementation and testing
  • Trouble shooting


3. SaskTel e-learning Evaluation (Feb. 2001 – June 2001)

     This is an on-line tool to determine the level of suitability of each course for online delivery, developed by ASP, VB COM+ component, and SQL server 2000. I was in charged the project.


  • Analysis the requirement
  • Full feature designs (database, user interface, class, etc)
  • Full implementation, testing, integration


4. Aegis Secure Login (May–July 2000, Nov. 2000 – Jan. 2001)

     This is a unique biometric security solution developed by ActiveX in VC++. The administration site is a three-tier client/server application.


  • Implementation the biometric security login by ActiveX in VC++
  • User interface design in the administration site
  • Developed the interface (Html, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Programmed the business-logic/Com+ component in VB, ADO having been used to connect the SQL server 2000


2020 IT Solutions Inc. Saskatoon, SK.  Canada   (Jun. – Nov. 1999)

(   previous name CompuCanada )


1. 2020's Business Intelligent Solutions   (Jun. – Nov. 1999)

     A business/financial software developed by Visual FoxPro 6.0, which provide all the flexibility a restaurateur needs to run their business better.


  • Implementation on Inventory, Vendor, Customer, maintenance, etc
  • Created tables, views and queries
  • Financial report (GST, PST, Sale, Profit, etc)


Dept. of Computer Science University of Saskatchewan


1.      Intersection and Summer section in 1999

As a marker for Principles of Computer Science (CMPT 115)

(Programming in Java through the course)


2.      Summer section in 2000

As a marker for Mathematical Logic and Computing (CMPT 260)

(Programming in Prolog through the course)


University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (Sept. 1997 – Apr. 2002)

            (Some projects developed in the courses)


1.      On-line CD store (Java, RMI, html)

2.      Developed Search by backtracking and branch-and bound algorithm (Java)

3.      Common lisp interpreter (VC++)

4.      Simulation: Changing stations (nodes) in the network (C)

5.      Simulation: Memory management (C)

6.      Built a Web Browser (C/Java)

7.      My shell (C)


High School of Harbin Qilunji co-operation in China (July, 1987 to Jan., 1995)


1. Taught mathematics in Algebra, Statistics, Probability, 3D and Coordinate Geometry



REFERENCES: Available upon request