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Li Zhang

43-330 Haight Cres.

Saskatoon Sask.

S7H 4V9

(306) 931-4793 (home)





·        Proficiency with Operating Systems:

Windows95/98/NT, MS-DOS, UNIX.

·        Proficiency with Computing Languages:

      Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, Eiffel, Visual Foxpro, Delphi.

                  Other:                           UNIX Shell Script, SQL, HTML.

·        Skills:

·        Conducted Object-oriented system analysis, design and implementation in Java and C++

·        Implemented Internet HTTP server in Java or C for web information collection, client-server programming  via Remote Method Invocation

·        Designed relational databases, and  programmed for querying  and updating database via SQL embedded in Java language or Visual Foxpro

·        Designed and implemented graphic user interfaces in Java, Visual Foxpro and Delphi using class wizard.

·        Knowledgeable Artificial Intelligence Model and graph theory 

·        Familiar with UNIX system programming and shell scripts

·        Proficient with MS-Office package:            Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint,  Access

·        Team Work Experiences:  

Coordinated and Cooperated successfully with 3 – 4 group members during projects analysis, design and implementation in a couple of courses and a small company.




Sep. 97 – Present            Dept. of Computer Science

                                                University of Saskatchewan


June 99 – Aug. 99            Workplace Training Program

                                                BSD Training and Resources


July 91 – July 94            Dept. of Mathematics

                                                Harbin Teacher’s University (in China)

                                                Mathematics Teaching Degree


July 84 – July 87             Dept. of Mathematics

                                                Harbin Teacher’s College (in China)

                                                Mathematics Teaching Diploma



·        Became a member of Golden Key National Honor Society since 1999

·        Awarded the first prize in teaching Math competitions in 1993

·        Awarded the People's Scholarship in 1984-1985,1985-1986, 1986-1987 academic years for excellent grades at Harbin Teacher’s College.




            Programmer                CompuCanada Office Automations Corp.

                                                Saskatoon Sask.

                                                Summer in 1999


            Marker                        Dept. of Computer Science

                                                University of Saskatchewan

                                                Intersection and Summer section in 1999 for course CMPT 115


            Mathematics               High School of Harbin Qilunji co-operation in China

               Teacher                        (July, 1987 to Jan., 1995)




·        Saskatoon Open Door Society Inc. (Spring 1997)

·        Holly Family School (in 1997)

·        Cosmopolitan Industries LTD. (Fall, 1997)


The courses I have completed (marks included) at Dept. of Computer Science

University of Saskatchewan:


CMPT 111.3 - Computer Programming and Algorithmic Analysis (90)

CMPT 115.3 - Principles of Computer Science (82)

CMPT 215.3 - Introduction to Computer Organization and

                        Architecture (77)

CMPT 220.3 - Introduction to Digital Systems Design (88)

CMPT 250.6 - Analysis of Data and Language Structures (85)

CMPT 260.3 - Mathematical Logic and Computing (92)

CMPT 317.3 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (currently taking)

CMPT 330.3 - Systems Programming and Introduction to Operating

                        Systems (currently taking)

CMPT 360.3 - Machines and Algorithms (74)

CMPT 374.3 - Theory and Application of Data Bases (80)