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Hi, welcome to my website. You'll find mostly graphics and stuff, and other random things. it is probably really boring and rubbish. but enjoy!


10nd Feb 04

okay ive got back from a hectic weekend. it was good but i was in pain. i shud so take self-defence classes. laim just says that ive got really quick reflexes. he tested them all the time. prom cuming up this friday!

2nd Feb 04

i havent worked out how to put buttons on this is really fustrating!

28th Jan 04

i havent worked out how to put links on my page so its a bit weird! but its SNOWING
AND I LUV SNOW!!! pity Spica ur not here we mushed. pretty kool!
oh yeah everyone Alex is really pissed wid me coz of who she is gonna ask 2 the prom! every1 she is gonna invite Flapjack-that is if she doesnt chicken out!

22th Jan 04

i have a new page, go and visit my new page-Beuty Live