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Here's my page take it or leave it!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This is my site and im proud of it! n e cute guys between the ages of 13-15 e-mail me at N e of u gurls need someone to talk 2 or have complaints or requests about what i put on this site u e-mail me too! [an error occurred while processing this directive] ~Our opinion matters~ Dont ya jus hate it whenever adults brush you off whenever you want to say somthing? They think oh theyr jus kids they dont know nothin. well for cryin out loud some of us do a thing or two and wed like to share it with the world. I'll b honest im backward when it comes to speakin up but when things bubble up inside i'll jus blow up on people! I wanna be listened to too! im sure other people feel the same! sometimes we need to be a tad bit rebellious to get our point across and so people will give us attention but who gives a rats tail! i say do what ya gotta do and do it well! does this make any sence at all to anyone who is reading? ~Troubles between friends~ The only advice i can give to some of you is stay out of it and no one gets hurt. but when friends tell you to choose sides tell them no and tosettle their arguments. ~Good places to hide stuff when your mom tells you to clean your room~ Here are the tricks of the trade! *1* in a bookshelf (behind the books) ~2~ under the bed ^3^ under the mattress *4* behind the bed ~5~ put a plastic bag on a coat hanger, put a coat or jacket on the hanger, put stuff in the bag. ^6^ luggege or a duffle bag you are not using. *7* draweres (<-i think that is spelled wrong)under cloths. ~8~ in the bottem of your hamper (dirty laundry) ^9^ in your shoes *10* baisicly behind or under anything. Well thats my site i am always changing it so visit agian soon!

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