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So little time to get to know someone,

so fast they can go.

from the first day to the last kyle was great

I hated him and he hated me but it was great.

He called me names

i called them back, but why did it have to end like that

the words,

the threats,

the hitting too,

and then he dies and everyone cries

for me it was different though.

Now i have to live with the fact that the last words i said to him were,

"Shut up kyle im working"

and his to me

"Man i hate you"

they wondered why i cried so hard.

the class is hard

yet it is harder to look at the person in front of me and accidentlly call him


or tell him

"Shut up im working"

to feel so empty yet so evil

fotr kyle to leave knowing how much we hated each other.

If he was to come back for just for 5 seconds

i would tell him

"No matter how much i hated you im sorry, but i only hate people i love"

Funny how i can say it now that he is gone forever