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In Loving Memory of Kyle Travis Tomblin                                         

  Kyle- I love u soo much I will alwayz keep all the memories we shared 2gether. You were the best brother anybody can have.  Through the good times and bad times we shared, it was all worth it and u will alwayz be in my heart. I'm trustin in u that u will be my guardian angel and guide me through life. U will be soo deeply missed and just remember that everybody who know u loved u. Although some may have showed it differently, they stilled loved you. you have changed everybody's life in some way. Peace out my brother and don't have too much fun with grandpa aight..we shall meet again. I LOVE YOU

                                                                      luv always and forever,

                                                                             Jacqueline Ann Tomblin

Dear sweet Kyle,

    You are the most wonderful cousin a person could ask for. I will miss you forever. I can remember all the great times we have had together and I promise that I will never forget. You will be in my thoughts and heart forever. I will miss you.

                                                            Your cousin,

                                                               Pamela Tomblin



    You'll always be our loving and sweet grandson. We miss you and love you,

                                                Grandpa Jack and Grandma Eve Tomblin.


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Always, No matter what, We Always love you Kyle.