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SMAPxSMAP 24 April 2006

~Clay Kingdom~

In early April 2006, I thought I was seeing things, when I read on Matsu Takako's official website, that she will appear in SMAPxSMAP again this year!!!^0^ Ureshiii~~!

Saitou-san: How is your confidence today?
Matsu: Full! (full of confidence, she meant^^)
Saitou-san: Full huh...

(Please, pay attention to Kimura's face expression when Matsu was called to come in and also when she said she's full of confidence!! He looked so cute!^0^)

Saitou: Today's theme is...!!

[Theme: FISH]

Goro: Yosshh...ganbaru zoo(I'll do my best)!!!
Tsu: Let's do our best....*with a small voice*

Kimura: Princess, do you like sushi?
Princess: Yes, I like it.
Kimura: You like it?
Matsu: What kind of fish do you like?
Kimura: That's the straight answer! (he meant, its forbidden to ask that, coz they all aren't suppose to know the princess' preferences...or else they might formed the same kinds of fish^^)

Matsu: *laughs* But...

Kimura: Which one do you like, Nakaochi or Akamiguchi?
( not sure what they are....kinds of fish, maybe?)
Matsu: *laughs* You just said....!?
Kimura: Hee?
Matsu: You said we can't ask that....

(the princess dont seem to understand)

Matsu: Princess, do you actually understand/know what Nakaochi is?

(the princess shakes her head)

Matsu: *to Kimura* See?


Kimura: Hai! One more question. Which one do you prefer, the sea fish or the river fish?
Princess: Sea fish.
Kimura: Okay!

Matsu: *shows it to princess* Princess, do you like this form?
Princess: Yes.
Kimura: You gave her too much pressure!
(Matsu laughs)

Goro: *to Matsu* The clay got onto your hair!
Matsu: Ehhhh???
Goro: It's disturbing? I guess you have to re-do your hair again...

Matsu: Really? *wipe it off* Did I get it?
Goro: Yes, enough. Too bad, you got your hair done pretty, is it alright?
Matsu: It's alright, for the sake of princess, ne...

Nakai: Do you have dorama this year?
Matsu: I have song...
Nakai: Can you sing it acapella?
(Matsu laughs)
Nakai: Didn't the song sounds like a flower-song?

(Matsu sing her new song, with a small sweet voice, while doing the clay...but just for a moment^^)

Nakai: You feel shy?
Matsu: Yes....
Nakai: You shouldn't, its a good song.

Kimura: Shingo's fish, looks so bad!
Matsu: Wah, sugoooi...

Nakai: *to Tsu* Are you done?
Tsu: Yes, mine is quite good.
Nakai: Is this on the domestic lane or international?
(haha!! Tsuyoshi's fish looks like a plane!!^0^)

Tsu: Well...talking about lane, this is domestic. Though, this is not a plane. But.... Well, this is good! I'll explain later!!

(These 2 guys are BAKAs, neee....hahahaha!!!)

Goro: My fish looks kind(yasashii), nee...

(Nakai press his forehead to the camera)

Nakai: You know, if I do this, my face become like a fish!

Kimura is commenting on Matsu's fish^^

Saitou: Okay...everyone stop right there!!


Saitou: Alright princess, which one do you dislike the most?
Princess: This one!*point on Nakai's*

Kimura: Uweeee....!!!!*raise Nakai's hand*

Next is Shingo's fish. Princess said, the fish looks mean^^
Next is Goro's. Then, Tsuyoshi's. He explained that it is JINBEE fish (his dorama title together with Matsu in 1998!^^)

And the final is..... KIMURA vs MATSU!!!!!^0^ I really didn't expect this!

Kimura lost! Princess said, the eyes are too big... LOL!

Matsu won this episode of Clay Kingdom! From all Clay Kingdom eps I've watched, this is the first time I see the guest winning! Sugoi, Matsu-san! Omedetouuu~~!!!^o^

~Translated by Yanie. And thanks for help at some part to Amaguri!~