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SMAPxSMAP 4 April 2005

~Roulette Bowling~

After Matsu Takako appearance in Sanma & SMAP 2003, I thought everyone has forgotten this legendary on-screen couple, Kimura-Matsu. But, apparently, this couple give such a strong impression that stays on ones' heads, including the SMAPxSMAP producers!!! They finally invited Matsu again to the show after almost 4 years!!

Matsu Takako is promoting her new single. At the beginning of the game, Nakai asked about her new single.

Matsu: It's a good song...please, listen.
Kimura: *teasing her* Listen? Ah, hai...okay then, I'm listening....*putting her hand on the back of his ear, indicating he wants to hear the song now, he wants Matsu to sing it!^^*

Nakai: *following Kimura's lead* Ah, hai...we're listening...

Then Matsu actually sings! This baka girl! haha, she didn't realize these guys are fooling around? xD But I really like her voice! So sweet!!

Then, it seems she realized what they're she hit Nakai's arm. And, she also hit Kimura's arm....twice!!! So cuuuutee.....they really look like childhood friends...haha!^^

The game was really GOOD!! Kimura-Shingo teaming up with Matsu in the RED team. Goro-Tsuyoshi teaming up with Nakajima Tomoko in the BLUE team.

The game was full of surprises....Matsu is really cute, too! And, haha...I have the feeling the camera-men are Kimura-Matsu fans too, they shot Kimura-Matsu (just the 2 of them without Shingo xD) alot, ALOT!!!^0^