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KISMEC was established in March 1993, with the primary interest of providing training and development in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees in the indusrial sector. Currently, KISMEC has two centres in kedah with its` Head Office located in Sungai Petani, and another newly set-up centre at the Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kulim, Malaysia`s first hi-tech park.

As Kedah prepares it seft to become a major hub for hi-tech manufacturing in Asia, KISMEC too is poised to launch itself as the premier training and development centre in the northern region. With its` new training complex due for completion in 2003, KISMEC has to date, invested a total amount of RM 16.7 million in upgrading and acquiring new technology and equipments to keeps abreast with the rapid pace of technological development.


Located on a 4.25 acres of land and situated at the centre of Sungai Petani`s rising industrial estate, this complex is set to be Kedah`s finest techinical training centre. Built with an integrated administration office, this two-stories complex, comes complete with meeting rooms, auditorium, mechinical rooms, cafeteria, training labs, facilities and equipment in order to provide for a more enhanced training, while maintaining a conductive environment for participants.



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