The Pyramids

The pyramid is not just a simple type of geometry its geometry has many synchronious energy patterns with nature and with the body. The pyramid is based on part of the stuucture of the Octahedron. The angles of the slope of the khefri pyramid is a close approximation to the the platonic solid known as the Octahedron. The Octahedron is two very special pyramids one turned up, one turned down. These two pyramids are made up of triangular surfaces, the triangles all have all their angles equal (They are all equalateral triangles). All the natural solids (platonic solids)have strong resonances with things that are natural.

The energy spiral of the khefri(chepperin) pyramid is closely synonimous to that of an octahedron. The symmetry of the four solids have a type of perfection that makes them brighter than other related geommetries. Using kirlian and other related types of photography, you can detect the brightness of these natural solids.

Using kirlian photography you can see why the pyramid is having the effect it does. The spiral is the energy associated with the geometry of the pyramid. When you vary the Geometry of the pyramid you vary the Geometry of the spiral. This causes it to have a different effect on its sourroundings. The multiple frequencies within the spiral does not merely resonate with other specific frequencies of natural bodies. The entire spiral which is composed of many frequencies affects other whole spirals as well, including the one that is naturally within our bodies. The spirals in our bodies form whats called chacras, they affect things around them, and things also affect them. for example any one of the four solids can amplify the energy around our bodies, particularly the energy related to that solid.

The range of visible light in wave length measurement λ is seen below. beyond this range the frequencies are not visible.

  • 7 x 10-7 (700 nanometers) upper limit of red
  • Red--------680 nm
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green------538
  • Blue-------453
  • Indigo
  • Violet-----410 nm
  • 400 x 10-7 (400 nanometers)
  • Unison - 1:1
  • Octave - 2:2
  • Major 3rd- 5:1
  • Major 6th- 8:5
  • Within the Khufu(cheops)pyramid is the kings chamber(represented by J in diagram). The kings chamber is located close to 1/3 of the way up from the base of the pyramid and it is somewhat off centered. Within this chamber is found a container which is of the same poportions as the ark of the covanant mentioned in the bible. The Spiral at the level of the Kings chamber has the blue frequency.The reason for the kings chamber is not that its location is in the blue frequency, The kings chambers presence has a special relation to the center of mass within the pyramid. The Amplitude of the standing wave is bettween nodes at the kings chamber. In this blue region the box analogous to the arc of the covanent is located.

    Keep in mind that ordinary humans see in one octave. This Octave starts with the red light then continues to the violet light. Bettween these two colors are all the colors we perceive. We are not able to see the frequencies before Red(such as infrared) or those after Violet(such as ultra violet). The pyramid behaves as an Octahedron in that its spiral is one Octave, half of this Octave is in the pyramid and half is below the pyramid,in other words the pyramid seems to be creating its opporsit half beneath the ground.

    The Queens chamber(F in diagram) is centered within the pyramid but is located at a node in a Standing wave pattern.The Kings chamber(j in diagram)is not located several degrees away from standing wave patterns,Yet both chambers can be considered zero points(these will be discussed in the near future).

    The queens chamber

    Geometrical symmetry

    Pyramids have four points at the base and one at the top. These points are the most outward parts of the pyramid. The four points at the base of the pyramid form points of a square base. This square is a symmetrical arrangement of points. The principle of as above so below ( and as within so without )holds for geometries. The inward manifestation of the all five points is the queens chamber. The four points around the base are equally spaced. They keep the queens chamber centered. the fifth point at the top of the pyramid serves as an additional vector raising the queens chamber upward above the base.

    The energies at the 5 points and therefore their related energies at the queens chamber are of a more refined form. These energies are more refined and focused and very energetic. the queens chamber in energy behaves like a transcendant version of all the five points. In other words it combines all five types of energy fields into a more complex type of energy focus. The Queens chamber is the central theme of the five points. These five points are central in lesser ways.

    The octahedron has a total of six points. all its points create a chamber at the center of the octahedron. When all of the octahedrons surfaces are equalateral triangles (triangles with all equal sides and angles> it is of a perfect symmetry.

    The Kings chamber

    Physical symmetry
    Mass related symmetry

    The kings chamber is related to the center of mass within the pyramid. It is known from the khufu pyramid. This chamber is located across from the center of mass of the whole pyramid. which happens to be further up than the queens chamber. The true center of mass is located along the axial line running from the top point of the pyramid to the center of the base. If a chamber was located directly at the center of mass, it would act as an energetic axial point of symmerty. Similar to other symmetry points it has a more powerful wholistic and central form of energy.

    for various reasons Khufu was interested in the qualities somewhat towards the left of the center of mass, viewed from south to north. The energy qualities vary in special ways directionally within the pyramid.

    symmetry and energy considerations are also important in the building of temples.

    Cures with the pyramid

    Varied forms of micro disease organisms are killed in both the kings and the queens chamber in more fourcefull ways than at other places within the pyramid. Placed well in the pyramid food items such as a small amount of milk remain preserved over time even while it evaporates.It tends to become like yogert rather than spoiling.

    Pest free farming done by special organic farming companies use pyramids at regular intervals in the fields. These pyramids keep away harmfull insect pest as well as disease organisms from the plants.

    The Khefri(chepprin) Pyramid

    The physical geometry of a pyramid determines the the type of spiral that occurs in the pyramid. The accuracy of the Khufu pyramid makes for an accurate spiral, the spirals geometry is specific to its associated pyramid. The Khefri pyramid is accurate in its geometry yet it also has the slope angle at its base that resembles that of an octahedrons upper half. This gives it the power that relates to that kind of symmetry. It is not just precision crafted It is also approching the symmetry of half the geometric solid, the octahedron. This makes it about five times more powerful than the Khufu pyramid. In several ways the whole khefri pyramid behaves as a kings chamber,

    The khefri (chepperin) pyramid is the one associated with the sphinks. The four creatures in cordination. The spinks is made up of a man, lion falcon ,and a cow. The khufu pyramid temple and causeway is not associated with this kind of combination.

    The four creatures are the four fources of nature, Fire, Air, water, Earth. The creatures making up the spinx represent the attributes of these natural forces or elements. The creatures associated with fire is the falcon. The creature associated with Earth is the cow, with water the lion, with air the man.

    Uniting these forces requires enormous power and a higher level of coordination than is required for each individual element.Each represent natural patterns of energy. These patterns are found consistantly in nature.

    The elements are represented by the four natural solids, plus the fifth one that transcends the four. The property that all five solids have in common is symmetry, All the surfaces that make up these natural solids which are triangles, squares, and pentagons, are all equal.

    Consider the angles of the khefri pyramid. The angle β representing the slope of the pyramid is close to that of the octahedron.The pyramid behaves much like an octahedron. The spirals are related due to the related geometry. The energy spirals within our bodies also vary.The octahedron that has triangular surfaces that are equalateral triangles and therefore has all corresponding angles equal has a spiral that is formed by the greatest symmetry this makes it more powerfull than other types of octahedrons with other types of triangles that are not equalateral.

    For various reasons certain portions of the four solids are built. These have a certain types of resonance with the solids they relate to. The caba in meca for example relates to the cube. The pentagonal structure on mars at sedona relates to the top of an Icosalahedron, also at sedona is the ground image of a cat, in close proximity to the pentagonal structure. The pyramids in egypt and elseware relate to the octahedron.

    Natural geometries (solids)
    Faces Edges Vertex Color
    Tetra 4 4 6 Red
    cube 6 8 12 Green
    Octa 8 6 12 Yellow
    Icosa 20 12 30 Blue
    Dodeca 12 20 30 Clear

    Energies in the pyramid

    Special compound pyramids are much more powerful than single pyramid consider the pyramid made up of other pyramids. Four pyramids at the base and one at the top. This type of pyramid has powerful synergies. It is not merely five times as powerful. Synergy makes it about 50 times more powerful than the single pyramid. This type of pyramid is synonimous with the fractal geometry where things are made up of other things that are recurring on other levels, or on a different scale.

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