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Sacred Geometry
Dynamic Geometry

The Brotherhood of light
Atum melchizedek khefri, sapphire blue Adept
360ophysical, 360ohigher dimentional 720o
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The Elements

The term Elements is used in several ways, but in general the term element refers to the basic building blocks of more complex things. They tend to be the way things organize themselves when left to the forces that shape them. When we deal with chemical elements for example we are dealing with the way atomic particles organize themselves when the laws of nature affect them. When electrons neutrons and protons are thrown together certain specific stable combinations will result. A Hydrogen atom is an example of whats formed when one proton and one electron form a stable relationship. The concept of elements can be extended beyond that of chemical elements. In sacred geometry we deal with elements that are the basic forms that make up the type of space we live in. Since space has a definite configuration, there are certain geometric forms that are elementary to it, for example the space enclosed within a triangle forms the minimum space of three intersecting straight lines. A tetrahedron represents a similar geometric construct in three dimensions. Our concept of evolution in Darwinian model does not include the concept of elements in the form we present here, yet life forms also resolve themselves into elemental forms. In other words beings don't evolve by accident they evolve in such a way as to take on certain stable states. These too are elements of another kind. They recur again and again. What may seem like random mutations causing life to evolve in uncertain directions are really processes both physical and energetic that result in certain beings with specific configurations being formed.

Natural Solids

This geometric figure represents fire.When two of these are placed together turned in the opposite direction, they form a mercaba.This is the invisible part of a persons makeup,that is his spiritual body. The term mer-ka-ba means light-spirit-soul. Its color is represented by red

This figure is a symbol of earth one . The cube is simbolic of the element earth. Its associated colour is green.

The Octahedron being the combination of two pyramids,represents air its color is yellow. It can fit inside a cube in a symmetric formation.

The icosahedron represents the element of water, and the color blue

The Dodecahedron is said to represent the element of transendence.It represents the spirit. It transends even color to be the clear one.

The number one

THE NUMBER ONE is the most fundamental of numbers it represents the wholeness of nature. The number one when it refers to the solar system refers to our sun. The sun being the primary celestial body. When it is applied to the human make up it is referring to the soul. In Egyptian astrology the one most high deity is Ra, the Sun. It should be understood that the number one is more than a number. You might say the number One is not a number, it is a number of numbers, This is because the nature of the unit is that it represents the universal not merely the component parts. It is the totality of which all the parts are made. Similarly the sun is not a planet. It is a planet of planets it was the original form from which the original planets came. With people the number one refers to what the Egyptians call the Neteru. These beings are genetically diverse enough to encompass the spectrum of the various and varied forms of humanity. The Neteru are said to be the first element, as such they are not human neither are they mortal. The Egyptians understood them to be deities. When they administer the earth as the pharaoh they are said to be the suns representative on earth, and like the sun their vibratory state encompasses all possible frequencies plus the superset. Superset as we use the word here is nine dimensionality within a nine dimensional superset are all the other subsets. Elements referred to here are the geometric construct that make up all forms that occur in the universe as a result of sacred geometry.

The aspects of numbers we refer to here were referring to physical things however the correspondences are much vaster, here we will just concentrate on the relevant things. In the realm of emotions the one, refers to love, it is among other things an emotion of emotions. Its interdimentional frequency is capable of permeating any thing, though by many it is only understood to be a good feeling. At different levels of development ones awareness allows them to get a greater understanding of what it truly means. The vastness of its manifestation is quite possibly beyond any written work. Unlike other numbers such as prime numbers rational numbers and other integers, the number one is not restricted to the definitions that limit such numbers. Not only is it a prime number 1/1 = 1 but it is a prime number of prime numbers.

The two adversaries are represented by the deities Horus and Set. In graphic form when these dieties are depicted. in the same figure they are shown facing in opposite directions, even though they are joined at the same point. This type of dipiction represents an adversarial relationship. It may be understood in esoteric geometry to mean the same energy exist in opposite directions. This is the nature of adversarial relationships. In other words your adversaries posses the inverse duplicate of the forms of energy you are warring against.

The Three

THE NUMBER THREE The number three unlike the number two reunifies things into a unit. Geometrically it can represent the triangle. Like the number one the triangle acts as a unit. It is the building block of squares rectangles circles and therefore all other fundamental shapes The smallest space enclosed by three separate points. Since it comes after the two which can be considered to represent polar opposites it combines their opposite qualities to create a new type of unit that is a composite of two opposite things. In Egyptian literature the three suns are Atum, Amon, and Amun they represent the sun at its three stages Atum at sunrise, Amon at noon and Amon at sunset. Notice that although there are three, they are really only one, That is to say there is only one sun involved. From this abstract point of view the three is only a one in a more composit form.

The Nine

THE NUMBER NINE is said to be the magnified three in other words it is a three in a different form. For the number three we can count the units as 1, 2, and 3 for the number nine it would be 3, 6, and 9. or put another way 3x1=3 while 3x3=9, so the number nine is the three in a different form, and the three is the one in a reunified form. The nine however has special attributes. In our numerological way of counting the number nine is really the last number. The numbers after nine are really a repeat of the number system for example the number 10 though it comes after the nine is really just a 1 which is the first number and a 0 which is an axis number. In reality numbers are cyclic so the double digits and the other multiple digits are a repeat of the single digit from one through nine. Nine being the last number is not an accident or something peculiar to our number system, it is the result of sacred geometry, so it exists this way in nature. Other number systems that have numbers past nine like the hexadecimal system are man made constructs that were designed for convenience in the use of digital circuits and so on. Binary numbers have two values and are indispensable tools in the use of microscopic switches.


In the grand scheme of things there are nine numbers and there are nine elements. These elements are

Element Geometry
1 MELCHIZEDEK multifacitded
2 Angel multifacitded
3 Male multifacitded
4 evil unknown
5 female multifacitded
6 fire Tetrahedron
7 Air Octahedron
8 Water Icosalahedron
9 Earth Cube

Energy relates to sacred geometry as do numbers and therefore the laws of nature etcetera. Since most of us live in a three dimensional environment, the way we perceive things is dependant on our 3d perspective. We experience time as a measure that relates past present and future. If time were to speed up we would not notice the process ( with exceptions) because we speed up at the same rate that time speeds up. Similar to two trains moving at the same speed side by side, if there were no other clues such as the landscape moving by, the other train would appear to be standing still. The fact of the matter is that time is a variable and in the past several years time has been speeding up. The measures that increase when time speeds up are called density levels the vibrational rate of atomic and sub atomic particles have increased markedly from the perspective of those outside our time construct. since our perceptions are locked into linear time much of the staggering changes go unnoticed. Lets go into some of the mathematics of this phenomenon. First I start with some of the conventional equations but I delve into speculative mathematics that I've experimented with myself.

The energy equation with plank's constant is E = h v

this can vary as E = n h v which shows that energy varies with integer multiples of planks constant. Where planks constant given as h = 6.62 x 10-34

Notice the value of h is an interger division of Phi where PHI = .618 this indicates that the energy in changing as a interger multiple of the devine poportion. We also have E = (M C2) this indicates that

Energy = mass x (speed of light)2

I propose an energy equation that takes many, not all dynamics into account. This is because with the equation

E = (M C2)

the speed of light is given the status of a constant. I compare the kenetic energy part of the equation

(M C2) To (1/2M V2)

I say the kenetic energy part of the equation because it contains the mass value as in the kenetic energy equation and it contains the velocity part as the speed of light C I replace the C , with a velocity veriable V , so

(M C2) becomes (1/2M V2)

the term that represents the 1/2 is just a constant so depending on your units for either energy or velocity it can dissapear or become K (a constant of proportionality).So.

(M C2) is poportional to (1/2M V2) given C is a variable.

I complicate matters further by giving an entire energy equation M = mass, P = potential energy, and V = velocity. The new equation becomes. The equation K Me where K is a constant that relates energy to matter, the matter equivalent of energy.

Energy = K Me + 1/2MV2 + P

The other equation that has the speed of light as a constant has the unfortunate side effect of having mass increase when velocity increase. This when used with its other related equations. I propose that

M + 1/2MV2 + P = A constant

The constant is constant only under a limited range of circumstances. The term 1/2MV2 can take on greater complication in higher dimentions, but thats beyond the scope of my discussion. for the equation

M + 1/2MV2 + P = A constant

an increase in velocity V causes the mass to decrease given that Potential energy P is constant or is non existant. The proposal is that when V gets pass that of C (The speed of light) M (mass) will take on an imiginary component. This is to suggests that as acellerarion occurs that mass is taken into imaginary space where it is no longer percieved as mass in this three dimentional space. The lorenz fitzgerald formula shows that mass contracts as it speeds up. The contracted mass I believe goes into the imiginary component of the complex plain where it becomes energy. As mass speed up it should convert to energy according to the equation. A question would be how does mass speed up to speeds close to that of light. Does it mean that one has to travel on a spacecraft at high speeds to observe this result, not really. Consider that matter has vibratory motion when it it supposedly at rest. If you heat it matter will take on even more kenetic energy, speeding up the vibratory rate. I believe this vibratory rate is capable of increasing to the point where the person becomes very light and eventually fades out of existance, which in reality is fading into another density or another dimention. if his vibratory rate reaches a high enough level. The reader may want to check on the secret philadelphia experiment conducted by the U.S. government where reports show people fading out of existance. A thing to take notice of it that those who participated in the experiment were either killed or disoriented. There were very strange effects. The problem was that the individuals involved in the experiment were not genetically/developementally advanced enough to be transported in time as was planned. It takes a certain level of dimentional development ( raising your vibratory rate/chacra lights) to successfully accomplish this. Incidentally at the time of the experiment the planet was on the 3rd density level. A level that keeps it grounded in physicality, or 3D space.

A Properly advanced and prepared individual can if the knowledge is aquired at will raise the vibratory rate of his entire body to that of the specific level he intends, the kenetic energy of his molecular composition can be such that he is actually travelling at the speed of light while standing still, at which point he would fade out of existance.

Equations of motion

F represents a rather complicated motion that I will relate to energy later on

F(x,y,r) = (Radial motion) (X motion + Y motion )

the radial motion would be varying as a complex number. This is what separates this radial function from many others. It varies in such a way that it takes on imaginary components.

R(t)= R0 ( cos t + i sin t )

The look of R0 ( cos t + i sin t )

Notice that R(t) is a complex number. The cosine part cos(t) represents motion in real space. This means that the radius is real always for this part of the equation. The other part (i sin(t)) represents motion in imaginary space. When the cosine part of the function is 0 the motion of the particle is no longer physically present. This is because the entire value of the function is given by the i(sin(t)) term. The radius now exists in imaginary space.

The X represents motion in sphrical coordinates that is circling through the equitorial region of the sphere. The Y represents motion in sphrical coordinates that is circling through the polar regions of a sphere. There are no imaginary terms for either the X or the Y term while the radius is in real space. The equations of motion for both of these (X,andY) would be would be combined in such a way that.

X(t) = ( cos t + sin t ) And Y(t) =( cos t + sin t )

In addition to this the entire function for the motion would include the three components.

X(t), Y(t) and R(t)

R(( cos t + i sin t ) + ( cos t + i sin t ))

since the function R(( cos t + i sin t ) + ( cos t + i sin t )) is a complex number and ei(t) = (cos t + i sin) the whole function can be written as

Roei(t)(( cos t + i sin t ) + ( cos t + i sin t ))

Mulitplication of a non complex number by an imaginary term gives an imiginary result. So i rotates the real number f(x) into the imaginary part of the complex plane, the rotation would be 180o. The complex plain I will define in spherical coordinates as.

W = (x + ix, y + iy, r + ir)

conceptually a similar equation in cartesian coordinates would be

Z = (x + ix, y + iy, z + iz)

Notice that all the coordinates have an i component, that is to say each variable has a mirror reflection in the complex space. This as opposed to the usual complex term in cartesian coordinates Z = x + iy If we regroup the terms of

Z = (x + ix, y + iy, r + ir)

We get Z = (x + y + r), (ix + iy + ir)

These two terms are mirror reflections of each other. At this point I would like to add that the imaginary term
(ix + iy + ir) is not just a product of your imagination it is a term that represents sacred space . Here is an important point in esoteric literature the concept of as above so below is repersented here as. As in real space so in imiginary space. The energy that exists in our physical space extends into what methematicians have been calling imiginary. I will call it sacred space. There are some important points to consider. lets look at the equation and ponder its behavior.

Roei(t)(( cos t + i sin t ) + ( cos t + i sin t ))

The R term which represents the radius

R(t)= R0 ( cos t + i sin t )

has a real component and an imiginary component, the real part (cos t) varies in real (physical) space, it has positive values but in part of its cycle it takes on a negative value. since in real space a negative radius is not defined as existing, we can use absolute values for the cosine term to eliminate this, Yet this is not necessary if the changing signs represint important dynamics of the motion. a similar situation occurs for the sine function it is the imiginary term with both a positive and a negative value and can be treated like the real part but in its own space.

Notice that the radius exist in both real and sacred space at the same time. As the cosine term reduces to zero the sine term increases to its maximal value only at this point does the radius exists entirely in sacred space. The cosine term increases in sync with the decrease of the i sine term, so The sum total of the radial length does not change.

The other stunning development in this equation is that as the radius changes size from its maximum value at (cos π)on its way to smaller radial values. The part of the radius that becomes imiginary starts moving backwards in time the time variable starts varying negatively. This is so because we are dealing with what can be considered a reflection. One side is imitating another but in opposite ways. We have to take this into account when we express the equation.

Roei(t)(( cos t + i sin t ) + ( cos t + i sin t ))

so that the new equation becomes

Roei(t)( cos = (+/-) t + i sin (+/-)t ) + ( cos (+/-)t + i sin (+/-)t )

This version of the problem has a few refinements that are needed before it is complete. We will get to that later, however consider its ability to explain quantum probability waves. The particle appear to exist when it is in real space where it is part of a probability wave every time it comes into real space. It dissapears or seem to dissapear when in enters the imiginary realm creating a quantum effect.

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