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Who I am:

My name is Jeremy Whitworth. I am currently attending Dawson College. This web page was set up for my Introduction to the Internet course that I am taking. My teacher (Patrick Kidd required us to make a web page so i chose to make my on formula 1 racing.

My hobbies are the following:

If you would like to send me an email you may do so right here:
At Dawson
At My Hotmail Account

Quick Links:

2004 Calendar
Teams & Drivers
Scoring System
Rules & Regulations

For all the latest formula One news, i recomend checking out This site is updated on a daily basis and provides information regarding F1 racing as well as some other types of car racing.

This is another formula1 site, and it is also the official Formula One homepage. In my opinion this used to be the best site dealing exclusively with Formula One racing. When it was created it was not the official page, but after several years they got the rights to become the official page. After they became the official page, I found that all the changes they made to their web page were for the worse. But none the less it is still a good site for Formula One fanatics.

Formula One racing is currently composed of TEN teams. Each team is allowed to enter only two drivers for any given race. To see more about the teams, CLICK YOUR MOUSE RIGHT HERE!!!

I first got into F1 racing when I went to see a race in Montreal back in 1995. Ever since then i've been following the races. My favorite driver is Michael Schumacher who currently is racing for Ferrari. To learn more about him, CLICK YOUR MOUSE RIGHT HERE!!!

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