About me:

So you want to know some stuff about me?
well here is what I think you should know:

1.I have black hair
2.I like computors
3.I have brown eyes
4.I am 105 pounds
5.I sit at the computor all day.
6.I am lazy
7.I love dragon ball z
8.I am somewhat depressed.
9.I am 17 years of age.
10.No fucking drivers license.
11.I live in the middle of nowhere.
12.I have freinds in far places.
13.I like system of a down!
14.I steal from Wal - mart.
15.I type 78 words per minute.
16.I don't smoke.
17.I like to drink.
18.I like to hurt people with my computer skills
19.I hate preps
20.I think you should go.