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¤Vegetarian Cheeses¤

Here is a list of some vegetarian cheeses:

Below is a table showing what you would see by clicking on one of the cheeses above. By clicking one of the cheeses above, you would also get a nice description of the cheese thanks to

¤Cheese¤ ¤Country¤ ¤Milk¤ ¤Texture¤ ¤Fat Content¤ ¤Producer¤
Acorn Wales Ewe milk Hard 52% Karen and Don Ross
Berkswell England Ewe milk Hard 48% Stephen Fletcher
Corleggy Ireland Goat milk Hard 40%
Coverdale England Cow milk Hard Founstains Dairy
Finn England Cow milk Soft Neal's Yard Creamery
Gubbeen Ireland Cow milk Semi-soft
Malvern Great Britain Ewe milk Hard 50%
Mascarpone Italy Cow milk Soft 75%
Menallack Farmhouse England Cow milk Hard
Paneer India Cow milk Semi-soft
Port Nicholson Wales Cow milk Semi-soft 40%
Swaledale England Cow and Ewe milk Hard 48% David Reed
Tala England Ewe milk Hard 48%
Teifi Wales Cow milk Hard 45%

As you can see, there aren't many single cheese producers out there. The cheeses with producers, are probably the cheeses the producers made themselves, for themselves.

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