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¤Cheese Descriptions¤

¤Cheese¤ ¤Country¤ ¤Milk¤ ¤Texture¤ ¤Fat Content¤ ¤Producer¤
Brie France Cow milk Soft 45% Societe fromagere de la Brie 19 Avenue du Grand Morin 77169 Saint-Simeon
Cheddar England Cow milk Semi-hard 48%
Colby United States Cow milk Semi-soft
Cottage Cheese Cow milk Soft
Feta Greece Cow, Ewe, and Goat milk Soft
Gouda Holland Cow milk Semi-hard 40%
Monterey Jack United States Cow milk Semi-hard 25%
Mozzarella Italy Soft
Munster France Cow milk Soft Ferme Marchal La Chapelle des Ves 88160 Le Thillot
Parmesan Italy Cow milk Hard
Provolone Italy Cow milk Semi-hard
Ricotta Italy Cow milk Soft
Romano Italy Cow milk Hard 27 %
Swiss United States Cow milk Hard

Brie Cheddar Colby
Cottage Cheese Feta Gouda
Monterey Jack Mozzarella Munster
Parmesan Provolone Ricotta
Romano Swiss

If you are too lazy to leave your mouse's pointer over the pictures above for a second or two to see their name, then here are their names:


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