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Ndiswrapper Commands: (note: all commands are minus the quotation marks)

Some common commands you will need to know for ndiswrapper use:
To install a driver:
To list installed drivers:
To remove a driver:
To write the configuration for mobprobe:

To remove ndiswrapper:
If for any reason you need to start over with ndiswrapper (e.g. updated kernel, etc.) you can remove the driver with "ndiswrapper -e driver" (where driver is the name of your installed driver) and remove ndiswrapper with a simple "make uninstall" command while in the directory from which you installed ndiswrapper.  For more information on this procedure, click here.

To see a list of ndiswrapper commands in the terminal:
A command list for ndiswrapper can be viewed by typing "ndiswrapper" in the terminal.  If you are unfamiliar with logging in as root, the process goes like this: open a terminal, type "su", and enter your password.  BE CAREFUL!  Being logged in as root is an important task and you can mess things up in a major way if you are unsure of what you are doing!

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