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GrayWolf Computers Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

GrayWolf Computers is in Chillicothe, Ohio.


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Do you offer warranties on your PCís?

Yes. We offer a year warranty, as well as on-site service in our local area.


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Do you work on computers not manufactured by you?

Yes, we do upgrades and repairs to all PCís.


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Can you explain what is wrong with my PC in a way I can understand?

We do our best to help our customers without using a lot of technical jargon.


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What is your experience?

I have been working with computers for about 10 years.
I also have a diploma in PC Repair from Education Direct.
I am studying to take the A+ certification, and from there I
will go after the Network+ certification, and then I will get the
MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer.)


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Is GrayWolf Computers licensed to do warranty work for manufactures like Dell, HP, IBM, or Compaq?

Not at this time. We do plan on trying to get licensed with Dell or Compaq soon.


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Do you buy used computers?

No not really. Sometimes we do, but not often.


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Why should I buy a computer from you and not some place like Wal-Mart?

Our systems are better built, we donít mass-produce computers we custom build them.
We also offer same day on-site service. A service we can offer by being local.
A box PC would have to be shipped back to whom ever manufactured it for service work.


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Do you offer anything more than custom computers, upgrades, and repairs?

GrayWolf Computers offers virus removal, data recovery, spy ware removal,
case modifications, networking, training in computers, software, and basic web design.


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I donít live in Chillicothe, can I still buy one of your computers?

Yes you can call or e-mail us what you want. However we donít offer on-site work outside
of our local area.


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Last revised: 12/15/04