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Integrated Agricultural Livelihood Demonstration Resort

A farmers PARADISE...

    A one-stop shop for farmers, investors and agricultural enthusiasts. The only one of its kind in the country with the most number of agricultural projects.







    A demonstration farm showcasing viable agricultural livelihood plant and animal culture with their corresponding product processing and zero waste management program demonstrating a balanced co-existence of plants and animals.

    A sprawling area of  forest trees, fruit trees, vegetables, flowering plants and farm animals combined with modern method of agricultural are combined to produce the most effective method of plant and animal livelihood.

    The farm has varied zero waste management programs, from decomposting to using Bio-gas. Recycling is highlighted in the Mini Urban Backyard Scrap Garden.

    Garinfarm was conceived more as a hobby than as a business venture. The owner's love for plants and animals was the great driving force behind the farm's foundation. As the owner of the Garinfarm believes in leadership by example, the main objective is transfer of technology, to inspire people and increase the interest in agricultural projects by seeing an actual example. Garinfarm is a place where its owner does not only enjoy creating while earning a living but most important is sharing it's knowledge to others.

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Garinfarm's  raw products are used to produce processed goods such as...

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    Take time to wander around the farm. See the Urban Garden with it's unique recycling ideas. Visit the Hydrophonics Building where plants are grown in a multi-level system without using soil. See Indigenous Micro-Organisms prepared in the pro-biotics area. Walk through the "Bahay kubo", where a 1000 sq.m. area is maximized, planted with vegetables mentioned in the classic tagalog song of the same title, but powered with the solar energy and the cooking uses bio-gas.

 Relax in our day rooms and cottages, while fishing and experience the delight of cooking your own fresh catch in the Palamunitan. Savor tasty and healthy food in the restaurant using farm fresh products or enjoy a picnic with the family and friends under the trees.

There are over 26 farm animal buildings showing the most effective animal livelihood culture and more than 33 vegetables gardens using organic fertilizer and various watering systems for an insecticide-free produce. Seedlings of forest and fruit trees are propagated in the Agro-Forestry. The Sampukan is a delight to cockfighting aficionados while children and adults alike can marvel at the beauty of the butterfly garden.

For more, the "Farm market" sells toiletries and snacks items, fresh fruits, flowering plants, seedlings, farm animals, live hog, butterflies, fresh organic vegetables, fresh farm eggs and products from the Processing Building.

And for more fun, there's the Caromata ride, a bull-pulled cart will take a tour of the entire farm for a closer view of Garinfarm's unique attractions and facilities. The tour will take you through the terrils of fruit vines and creeping vegetables. Kids will have their moment on the goat-chariot rides, horseback riding or on a relaxing bike ride around the farm.

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Garinfarm is located in a quaint coastal town 29 kilometers south of Iloilo City.

It is easily accessible via land through well paved national road.





    There are at least nine daily 55-minute flights from Manila-Iloilo. An inter-island 18 hour trip from Manila 12 times weekly. From Cebu, it takes only 35 minutes by plane.





Tel.(63-920)9012203, (63-33)5120129/5120338

Fax no.(63-33) 5120339

ILOILO CITY                                     METRO MANILA

Suite 201 Maryville Bldg                                          101 Lourdes Condominium

Delgado Street                                                        101 Panay Avenue

5000 iloilo City                                                        Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. no. (63-33) 3370033/3371335                 

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