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Curriculum Vitae

Gordon J Milne
31 Stillwater Avenue, Westhaven, Christchurch 8006, New Zealand
+64-3-383-2836 (Home)   +64-3-338-6701 (Work)   +64-21-137-4049 (Cell)

Career Aim

A systems developer who has been working in the field of embedded real-time software since 1989, programming in C, C++ and assembler, in diverse organizations. A strong collaborator who works closely with hardware developers to produce quality products. Looking to move into a team leadership role within an organization committed to the building of quality products and the ongoing development of it's people .


BSc Honours (Class 1) Natural Philosophy, 1986
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Natural Philosophy is the traditional name for the study of Physics

Technical Skills

C, C++, Java, Assembler (680x0, MIPS, ARM), FORTRAN, Unix shells (Bourne/Korn), Perl, Awk, Sed.

Operating Systems and Hardware Platforms


Motorola SBC (MVME147/162/167), Motorola PowerStack, Embedded MC68010, Embedded Toshiba MIPS Core, Embedded IBM 403GC PowerPC, Motorola PowerPC (MPC821, MPC850, MPC860).


Embedded MC68332


x86, ARM7, ARM9




Silicon Graphics R3000, R4000


IBM RS6000/370


Honeywell-Bull DPS8


Intel i860-based Supercomputer


DEC VAX and MicroVAX


DEC Alpha


Generic PC Hardware

Test Equipment
HP BDM Debugger, HP Emulator/Analyzer, HP Logic Analyzer, NOHAU BDM Probe, Various Digital Oscilloscopes.

Embedded, Firmware, Real-time, Device Drivers (Ethernet, serial, specialized), TCP/IP Networking (socket level and below), DNS, SENDMAIL, X-windows configuration, PVM, PVCS, CVS, RCS, MAKE, StP/OMT, FasTrak, Emacs, CodeWarrior, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Eudora, Navigator.

Job Summary

Syft Limited

Software Designer

08/2003 - date

Bluewater Systems Limited


05/2002 - 07/2003

Open Telecommunications Limited

Senior Software Engineer

09/2000 - 03/2002

Microware Systems Limited

Technical Manager

12/1998 - 08/2000


Senior Software Engineer

07/1996 - 11/1998

Racal Communication Limited

Principal Engineer

10/1995 - 06/1996

Daresbury Laboratory

Senior Scientific Officer

04/1995 - 09/1995


Higher Scientific Officer

10/1989 - 03/1995

Key Competencies


  • Technical presentations on company products for customer audiences with mixed levels of technical ability for industries as diverse as Defence and Formula 1 racing.

  • Liaise with customer engineering staff to resolve problems and suggest development approaches.

  • Liaise with other developers to describe build system and configuration management approaches.


  • Worked with customer's engineers on-site in an advisory and development capacity.

Information Systems

  • Worked for employers with different information systems.

  • Consultancy role has required quick adaptation to customer information systems.


  • Presented technical training courses at the introductory, intermediate and advanced level.

  • Hands on demonstrations of company products to customer engineering staff.


  • Mentored co-workers and customers in UNIX, RTOS, C, Networking and Realtime development.


  • Lead a team of 4 engineers in a pre/post-sales support.

  • Lead meetings on technical subjects (e.g. design review)

  • Deputised for Project Manager during PM's leave periods; including reporting responsibility to upper management and delivery of software to internal customers.

Job History

Syft Limited
3 Craft Place, Middleton, Christchurch, New Zealand

08/2003 - date

Software Designer

One of a team of four tasked with providing all software for a new instrument for the commercial laboratory market. The work is done in a mixture of Java and C++. Java development is done within the Eclipse environment; C++ development is done within the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Embedded Visual Tools environments.

Bluewater Systems Ltd
Level 17, PWC Centre, 119 Armagh Street, Christrchurch, New Zealand

05/2002 - 07/2003


Primarily project based. Projects have centered around the following tasks:

  • Development of a graphics API for gaming machines and porting the existing game to that API. The API was based on QT Graphics and it could be run on both Linux/x86 as well at Linux/ARM. This enabled the game development on be done on inexpensive PCs with the game deployment targetted at the ARM hardware. The target system used Direct/FB for accelerated video support (Matrox PCI graphics cards).

  • Porting of a database application from the Gnome graphics toolkit to the multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Macintosh) QT graphics toolkit

  • Porting uClinux to a VoIP processor board based on the STLC1502 VoIP processor (ARM7 core plus ethernet interfaces, UART, SPI, I2C, DMA, DSP). The processor features two ethernet interfaces with a built-in bridging feature which reduces processor load.

Projects are normally split up into a feasibility study followed by the actual project, provided that the project sponsor gives the go ahead. All feasibility studies and projects have supporting documentation which I wrote for those projects that I was involved with.

Open Telecommunications NZ Ltd
134 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand

09/2000 - 03/2002

Senior Software Engineer (Software Integration)

Integrating a variety of software elements into UNIX packages for delivery to customers. Open Telecommunications is a supplier of telecommunications software for open platforms. Worked on projects involving Intelligent Network Services.


  • Creation of UNIX packages

  • Integration testing of packaged components

  • Software delivery to customers

  • Creation of release information and installation documentation

  • Assisting colleagues with UNIX usage queries

  • Ongoing investigation of tools to improve productivity and understanding of the product.


  • Creation of daily build procedure and smoke test

  • Moderating of design review meetings

  • Introduction of new tools (e.g. DOXYGEN for documentation and Webmin for system administration).

  • Deputised for project manager whilst PM on leave; including responsibility for reporting to upper management and delivery of software to customers.

Development is carried out within a Sun Solaris environment using a mixture of proprietary and open source products.

Microware Systems Limited
Beech Court, 27-33 Summers Road, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 7EP, UK

09/1996 - 08/2000

Technical Manager

12/1998 - 08/2000

  • Managed a team of 4 people.

  • Overall responsibility for supporting the OS-9 product line in pre and post sales capacities.

  • Managed bespoke and speculative development projects.

  • Planning and monitoring of work.

  • Pre-sales duties:

    • Customer visits

    • Technical presentations

    • Product demonstrations

This position was a mixture of technical lead and a management role. I was expected to keep my engineering knowledge up to date and shared the burden of engineering tasks with others in my team.

Senior Software Engineer

07/1996 - 11/1998


  • Digital Set Top Box

    • Porting of OS-9/DAVID software to a STB based on a Motorola CPU.

    • Device driver for Lucent AV6220A transport demultiplexer.
      Extraction of SI, PSI data from transport stream.

    • Split interface device driver for IP communication - downstream via the transport stream, upstream via a serial-style interface.

    • Integration performed on-site (Köln, Germany).

    • PC-based cross-development environment (Windows-95, CodeWright, FasTrak C/C++)

  • Digital Set Top Box

    • On-site assistance with OS-9, Transport Demultiplexer and Video encoder for a 68K development board.

    • On-site assistance in porting of OS-9 to an early prototype of the IBM PowerPC 403GC production hardware.

  • Car Navigation

    • 10 months 75% on-site (Eindhoven, Netherlands), 25% off-site.

    • Feasibility project

      • Ported basic OS function onto customer device in less than 3 weeks.

      • Extensive liaison with US HQ regarding software defects and resolution.

      • Demonstrated basic OS function.

      • Demonstrated superior interrupt performance.

      • Proved OS-9 could run on the customer's MIPS-based device.

      • Resulted in switch over to OS-9.

      • UNIX cross-development environment.

    • Production project

      • Device drivers - serial, ticker, Ethernet.

      • Enhanced bootstrap code for customer device.

      • Worked within customer development environment.

      • Provided advice on development approaches.

      • Liaised with US HQ regarding software defects.

      • UNIX cross-development environment.

      • Demonstration of PC cross-development environment.


  • Support customers via telephone, e-mail and on-site visits.

  • Liaised with engineers in the US HQ.


  • Presented the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced courses to class sizes ranging from 4 to 16 delegates.

  • On-site product demonstrations of RTOS capabilities and IDE.


  • Responsible for the management of a SUN SPARC 10 workstation, which acted as the e-mail hub and fileserver.

  • Configured and managed DNS and SENDMAIL for office.

  • Initiated the move from an ageing Sun workstation environment to a PC-based office automation solution using Windows 95, POP3 E-mail (Eudora/Netscape) and Office 97.

Racal Communications Limited
Western Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

09/1995 - 07/1996

Principal Software Engineer


  • Software developed for a radio communications system.

  • Interprocessor communication mechanism.

  • Frame alignment of a 16-channel HDLC link running at 256kbps.


  • Completed work on-time.

  • Completed project payment milestone on-time.

UNIX development environment, C++, 680x0 assembler, HP emulators, HP BDM debugger, CVS, RCS, OSE/Classic, Microtec C/C++ compiler, Framemaker, Expect, StP/OMT, Perl.

Note: Racal Communications Ltd. is now part of the Thales group of companies.

Daresbury Laboratory
Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4AD

10/1989 - 09/1995

Higher/Senior Scientific Officer


  • Support and development of data collection and analysis software for experimental stations of the Synchrotron Radiation Source.

  • Day to day support of the scientific staff

    • Use of the data acquisition system

    • Use of the data analysis programs

    • Use of office computer systems

  • System administration of experimental computers, Silicon Graphics 4D/420 and IBM RS6000/370.

  • Specification of equipment and new systems

  • Budgetary responsibility


  • Developed and documented the C CAMAC library, and associated device driver, for the VME data acquisition systems

  • Ported, enhanced and documented an existing MicroVAX data acquisition system written in FORTRAN to a replacement VME-based system written in C and assembler.

  • Presented a lecture on the (then nascent) World Wide Web and it's possible uses by the laboratory.

  • Mentored others in the writing of device drivers for the RTOS (OS-9).

  • Supervised summer students.

Developed software within a heterogeneous environment; OS-9, UNIX, VMS, C, 680x0 assembler, FORTRAN, Motorola Single Board Computers (MVME147, MVME167), SUN SunOS (and Solaris), Silicon Graphics R3xx/R4xx workstations and servers (IRIX), IBM RS6000/370 AIX, Vax and MicroVAX (VMS), real-time data acquisition systems, device drivers, Bourne shell scripting, PVM, CAMAC, PVCS, make.

Education History


BSc Honours (Class I) Natural Philosophy 1986
University of Aberdeen

  • First-class merit certificates awarded for all classes.

  • Arnott Prize for experimental work awarded in final year.

  • Annual bursary of £180 awarded after taking part in the university bursary competition.

Secondary School

Robert Gordon's College, Schoolhill, Aberdeen.

  • Certificate of Sixth Year Studies
    Physics (A), Chemistry (B), Maths II (B)

  • Higher Grade
    Physics (A), Mathematics (A), Chemistry (B), Geography (B), English (C), French (C)

  • O-grade
    Arithmetic (A)

Awarded Science Dux prize in final year.