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Welcome to GFC!

Congratulations! You are now in GFC's Beta Site!

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We are working on this site currently.

Our mission is to create a Community where Christians from around the world can converse and help each other grow spiritually and physically in the Lord.

Now your probably thinking: "Aren't there already other sites that do that?"

And my answer to that is Yes. There are many sites already out there doing this, yet we our unique because we not only have Forums, or just Journals, or just information, or just articles. We have it all combined, and it is all FREE

Not only are those things free, yet also the images that we create and display throughout the site or in the Gallery, are FREE.

If you have a Christian Site that you want to advertise (or no of one) and you can prove that it is a "fully-devouted-to-the-Lord" type of site, then we will advertise it for FREE for ONE WHOLE MONTH!

Now if the gears in your head have not started turning yet, then check out the following:

As a subscribed user you can:

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  • Read custom headlines
  • some other cool stuff...

Register Now! It's Free!
We don't sell/give to others your personal info.

Thanks for your support and for selecting GFC! Hope you can can enjoy this application as much as we enjoy developing it!

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Coding: HTML Color Code Chart
All Coding, Programming, Scripting
CDCEFF        8792FF        4153FF        0018FA        0011B4        000A6E       
C3C6FF        7D89FF        374AFF        0017F0        0010AA        000964       
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A5AEFF        5F6EFF        192FFF        0014D2        000D8C        000746       
9BA4FF        5565FF        0F26FF        0013C8        000C82        00063C       
919BFF        4B5CFF        051DFF        0012BE        000B78        000532       
CDFFCD        87FF87        41FF41        00FA00        00B400        006E00       
C3FFC3        7DFF7D        37FF37        00F000        00AA00        006400       
B9FFB9        73FF73        2DFF2D        00E600        00A000        005A00       
AFFFAF        69FF69        23FF23        00DC00        009600        005000       
A5FFA5        5FFF5F        19FF19        00D200        008C00        004600       
9BFF9B        55FF55        0FFF0F        00C800        008200        003C00       
91FF91        4BFF4B        05FF05        00BE00        007800        003200       
FFCDCD        FF8787        FF4141        FA0000        B40000        6E0000       
FFC3C3        FF7D7D        FF3737        F00000        AA0000        640000       
FFB9B9        FF7373        FF2D2D        E60000        A00000        5A0000       
FFAFAF        FF6969        FF2323        DC0000        960000        500000       
FFA5A5        FF5F5F        FF1919        D20000        8C0000        460000       
FF9B9B        FF5555        FF0F0F        C80000        820000        3C0000       
FF9191        FF4B4B        FF0505        BE0000        780000        320000       
CDFFFE        87FFFE        41FFFD        00FAF7        00B4B2        006E6D       
C3FFFE        7DFFFD        37FFFD        00F0ED        00AAA8        006463       
B9FFFE        73FFFD        2DFFFD        00E6E3        00A09E        005A59       
AFFFFE        69FFFD        23FFFC        00DCD9        009694        00504F       
A5FFFE        5FFFFD        19FFFC        00D2D0        008C8A        004645       
9BFFFE        55FFFD        0FFFFC        00C8C6        008280        003C3B       
91FFFE        4BFFFD        05FFFC        00BEBC        007877        003231       
FECDFF        EA87FF        CC41FF        B600FA        8300B4        50006E       
FDC3FF        E57DFF        C937FF        AF00F0        7C00AA        490064       
FBB9FF        E073FF        C62DFF        A800E6        7500A0        42005A       
F8AFFF        DA69FF        C323FF        A000DC        6D0096        3A0050       
F5A5FF        D45FFF        C119FF        9900D2        66008C        330046       
F29BFF        D155FF        BE0FFF        9200C8        5F0082        2C003C       
EE91FF        CE4BFF        BB05FF        8B00BE        580078        240032       
FEFFCD        FEFF87        FDFF41        F7FA00        B2B400        6D6E00       
FEFFC3        FEFF7D        FDFF37        EDF000        A8AA00        636400       
FEFFB9        FDFF73        FDFF2D        E3E600        9EA000        595A00       
FEFFAF        FDFF69        FCFF23        D9DC00        949600        4F5000       
FEFFA5        FDFF5F        FCFF19        D0D200        8A8C00        454600       
FEFF9B        FDFF55        FCFF0F        C6C800        818200        3B3C00       
FEFF91        FDFF4B        FCFF05        BCBE00        777800        313200       
E6E6E6        C3C3C3        A0A0A0        7D7D7D        5A5A5A        373737       
E1E1E1        BEBEBE        9B9B9B        787878        555555        323232       
DCDCDC        B9B9B9        969696        737373        505050        2D2D2D       
D7D7D7        B4B4B4        919191        6E6E6E        4B4B4B        282828       
D2D2D2        AFAFAF        8C8C8C        696969        464646        232323       
CDCDCD        AAAAAA        878787        646464        414141        1E1E1E       
C8C8C8        A5A5A5        828282        5F5F5F        3C3C3C        191919       
Posted by Admin on Sunday, May 23 @ Eastern Daylight Time (0 reads)
(comments? | Coding | Score: 0) Open Publishing Overview
Anything that has to deal with GFC. Open Publishing Overview wants you! As part of our Open Publishing initiative we're now accepting story submissions for our Web site and/or weekly text newsletters, you could be next! We're looking for sharp people to write about the hot Web-dev topics of the day.
We will consider how-tos, site/software/book reviews, technology overviews, trends, interviews, opinion and analysis - anything that would be of interest to our target audience: primarily well-educated, well-compensated beginner to advanced Christian authors and Web masters. If you've got a product, or area of expertise, who better to write an article on it and get some great PR in the process?
To start, submit a description and outline of your proposed article. Article length should be 1000-1500 words. All articles (especially tutorials) should have working example(s) that support, but don't overshadow, the main ideas and concepts of the article. Want to get an idea of what others have written? Check out our article archive to read past contributions.

What do you get out of it?

Fame: Sure, there are plenty of public forums on the Net. But how many guarantee hundreds of thousands of interested eyeballs, absorbing your thoughts and ideas? Articles that make the cut will be published in our text newsletter and/or our Web site and read by influential Web masters.
Promotion: We give back-links to all our freelance writers. If you're a developer, coder, Web master, or anyone with a public project, what better way to promote your site (or yourself) than have thousands of interested parties reading your ideas?
Respect: What better way to impress your peers than to be recognized as an authority in your subject of choice?
A Foot In The Door: This is Open Publishing - You share your information with us for free, and we share it with the rest of the world for free. However, the columnists do get paid... we select them from our most promising freelancers. Either way, we all win.

What do we get out of it?

Up-to-the Minute Content: The Web is a big, big place. There's no way for our staff to cover all of it as thoroughly as we would like. But we do want to provide our readers with the widest and freshest assortment of articles possible. So who better to turn to, than our largest and most valuable resource - you, our readership! We know you're more than just interested in the Web - you're out there in the virtual trenches, creating the Web.
Contact With Our Readers: We turn our little code-monkey grinders everyday, trying to make the Web site and Newsletter the best they can possibly be. Even though we have nearly one hundred thousand total subscribers and millions of visitors each month, we don't always get to connect with our readership. We want to make your number one information source, and by joining us, you can help us make it exactly how you want it to be.
More Subscribers: We ask each submitter to add our newsletter signup form ( to their site to encourage folks to signup.

Now, before you go any further, take a look at the legal agreement below. We know nobody likes legalese (other than the lawyers), but it protects you and us. After you've read the agreement, click on either Agree or Disagree below. By clicking on Agree, you are verifying that you have read and chosen to accept the conditions specified. FREELANCE AUTHOR/ARTIST AGREEMENT

This Freelance Author/Artist Agreement is entered between with offices at 2967 F McGee Ct, Fort Meade, MD USA 20755 ("") and you concerning the terms for the use of a certain piece of work in an Publication:

1. Grant of Rights: You grant to an exclusive worldwide right of first publication to the Work for a period of 30 days after's publication of the Work, in any and all media and forms of expressions now known, or hereafter devised, including but not limited to all print, computer, on-line, audio, video, Internet and other electronic media or publications in both the original and all foreign languages. After completion of the preceding exclusive term, you grant to a non-exclusive, and perpetual, worldwide right to the publication of the Work for all print, reprint, book, syndication, computer, on-line, audio, video, Internet and other electronic media use now known, or hereafter devised.
2. Retention of Rights: During the exclusive term, you retain the right only for the following: a) your right to make and distribute copies of all or part of the Work for non-commercial classroom teaching; b) your right to use the Work as part of your private portfolio of works. At the end of the exclusive term, you retain all rights except as granted to in Section 1 above.
3. Fees: The fee for the Work will be $0 (the "Fee") and an email and site link within the article. is under no obligation to publish the Work.
4. Acknowledgment: agrees to always acknowledge you as the creator of the Work.
5. Acceptance: Your Work must be delivered complete and in a format that is acceptable to You agree to comply with all time schedules and other requests of including providing up to two rewrites of the Work. Upon request, a list of all sources that you relied upon for the Work will be provided to reserves the right to adapt or edit the Work, as it deems appropriate. All Work is subject to final acceptance by
6. Representation: You represent and warrant to that: (1) the Work is original and that you are the sole creator of the Work and have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement; (2) the Work has not been previously published anywhere in whole, or in part; (3) the Work does not, and if published will not, infringe upon any copyright, trademark or other right of any third party; (4) the Work is true and contains no matter that is defamatory; and (5) you will not publish the Work in violation of this Agreement. You agree to cooperate with in its defense of any action related to the Work. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims, losses and expenses that are a result of your breach of the foregoing representations.
7. Independent: You agree that you are an independent contractor and not an employee or agent of and that you may not bind to any agreement or liabilities and that you are solely responsible for paying any taxes, costs, or expenses related to your Work and your receipt of the Fee.
8. Assignment: You may not assign any of your rights under this Agreement. may assign its rights in this Agreement with notice to you.
9. Miscellaneous: You agree that this is the entire Agreement between you and related to the Work and that this Agreement supersedes all previous agreements and understandings related to the Work. This Agreement may not be amended, or modified nor may any term of this Agreement be waived except by a subsequent writing signed by you and Any disputes related to this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maryland and you consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Maryland.



Note: All work that is submitted will be accepted and used in future issues of WoC. If your article is very good and has a high amount of hits since its submission date, your article may appear on the Home Page of this site.
Posted by Admin on Thursday, May 13 @ Eastern Daylight Time (5 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)

Smilies (for the SayBox) Codes
All Coding, Programming, Scripting

Customize Smilies ::
# Smiley Code Smiley Name URL of Replacement Preview
1 Smile
2 Wink
3 Cheesy
4 Grin
5 Angry
6 Sad
7 Shocked
8 Cool
9 Confused
10 Rolleyes
11 Tongue
12 Embarrassed
13 Lips Sealed
14 Undecided
15 Kiss
16 Cry

Note: These are all defaults which SayBox already has included.
Posted by Admin on Sunday, April 18 @ Eastern Daylight Time (3 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Phobian, Master of Fear
Anything impertenant to other topics
Phobian, Master of Fear

Here lives, Phobian, in the red dark viens, beneath retracting muscles, hard and compact, red or black and blue, invisible to the mortal eye, under the full moon, above the highest cliffs, out in the deep blue ocean, or imprisoned in a dark damp smelly cave.

Here lives, Phonian, leader of fears, depriver of life, creator of nightmares. He hovers, dark or light, above the heart, behind the mind, in the ears, and at the eyes, with his cool, yet hot, hands weaving thoughts and writing mares.

Here lives Phobian, who floats and flys around the body, laughing and grinning, tricking the mind, over and over, shattering dreams, damaging thoughts like an evil, little, sneaky, child, who although cute and "innocent", plots and schemes, to ruin someomes day.

For all time, Phobian shall shatter dreams, making girls scream and cry while childrem fear to get out of bed after dark. He shall destroy the precious minds of many, ruin lives, and reduce the most masculine man into a weeping puddle.

Here lives Phobian, Master of Fear!

Note: This Poem is copyright (c) 2004 GFC
Posted by Admin on Wednesday, May 19 @ Eastern Daylight Time (18 reads)
(Read More... | 4 comments | Score: 5)

Dawson on GFC: Dawson Web Server
All Dawson's. Around the World.

Welcome to the Web Server on GFC!
This site is to be for both GFC/WoC, and Dawson's.


If you are a Dawson, you can easily register to have your own WebPage here...

It will only cost you $5.00 in US Currency for one whole year!

As a subscribed user you can:

  • Post comments with your name
  • Send news with your name
  • Have a personal box in the Home
  • Select how many news Articles you want in the Home
  • Customize the comments
  • Select different themes
  • Access to Members List
  • Access to User's Custom Box
  • Create your own Journal
  • Create your own Blog
  • Read custom headlines
  • some other cool stuff...
  • WebPage @ (

Register Now! It's Free!
We don't sell/give to others your personal info.

Note: Please email Chris Dawson ( for more information.
Posted by Admin on Wednesday, May 19 @ Eastern Daylight Time (10 reads)
(comments? | Dawson on GFC | Score: 4)


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