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June 4: Wednesday

It started off like any other Wednesday. I got up, showered, clothed myself, ate breakfast, and went to school. Little did I know, that was all about to change. As soon as I arrived at school, I was subjected to "The Gauntlet," which was basically a row of teachers waiting at the door with guns. Somehow, only Mr. Burr hit me, and I think it was because I thought of his Regis Philbin impression and laughed, thus slowing me down as I ran by the deranged staff.


As I was leaving school, limping because of the bullet in my left calf (I was the talk of the day, because I had the fewest bullets in me of all the kids), my blood pooling at my feet, some 6th grader got my attention from the bus. I looked over, and he tossed me a beer. I caught it, in shock.

I think I threw it at a car.