Project Gnome Chimpsky


Project Gnome Chimpsky is designed to enable obfuscation of web browsing and searching through a number of command line and browser based interfaces. The main concept of the system is to obscure your actual browsing and searching habits by sending a varied yet tunable schema of searchs and page request's


I have worked in the information sector for many years and have had a wide ranging overview from the academic sector, industry, to government and defence environments.

Through work in these sectors of society I have seen first hand the data gathering and analysis that is processed from the public IP traffic of the internet. From my first job working at HAL on the now infamous saudi telephone system monitoring system (STSMS) project (where much of the first natural language processing was developed) I then went on to work with DARPA using the lessons learnt from the failure of the STSMS we developed a scalable system that would be suitable for monitoring and tracking communications. This system was integrated into the DARPAnet protocol and has been into the present IP datacoms backbone and switch system.

After This work I drifted into the academic research sector and further work in linguistics, AI, and philosophy of consciousness. After a short tenure at Berkeley and work with lafayet hibbard I moved to MIT and worked closely with gnome chimpsky on his neo anarcho market driven econocentric solifidianism. With the whole "New information economy" the means of production and distribution would finally open to all and WE would have ultimate control and power of whole system in its entirity.

At the end of the 70's I would discover that I was a simply a cog that would be sacrificed for the ends of the gnomes of zurich. When I finally found the truth from my uncle who informed me of my twisted heritage. I was in fact the love child of Aleister Crewley and the transexual Anakin Skywilker who were part of a controlled breeding program of the order templi knights. Anakin had born a son out of love for Aleister against the wishes of the knights templar and was put to death, but not before I (the son) was sent to safety of the protection of the Gnomes. The Gnomes ideology of gnosis diametrically opposed to the Knights doctrine of knowledge, I would be raised secretly as a normal citizen to be used as the Gnomes ultimate weapon against the knights in the final objective of CERN particle accelleration system (Genome meson synergism and the decoding of higgs boson interaction along the double helix, allowing transcendence of reality). Of course the CERN project has been fought by chimpskys evil offspring brin and page with their masonic/CIA (both puppets of the Knights) sponsored datamining system codenamed gogol a weakly veiled reference to it's opposition to the ideology of Gn gamma.

It was at this point I began work on the ontology to enable me to escape the fate that had been planned for me. Project Gnome Chimpsky along with other projects such as tin foil hat linux and the cult of Mu Mu developed by myself and my allies to combat impending eschaton. The project is named after chimpsky in recognition of the veil of his "freedom" that is simply another form of control of the populace. Project Gnome Chimpsky has bastardised his philosophy and created a true freedom for humanity.

The ideas aim to create a third way

You must ask yourself: Just remember the time is set.
The day of fools the night of the goddess and the day of god.