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My Guardian Angel

By Lindsey Aubel

(Catherineís Story)

The world around me is covered in darkness. In it, I have found a light. He is an angel, a helper for God. A man, yet not a man. Powerful, protective, and intelligent. Unique and kind. Handsome with a kind face. Loving and helpful, courage beyond all. Conquering in name and strength. Vincent strongest of all in will and mind. My guardian angel. He has given me strength and help in time of trouble. My power when I am weak. Leader to the right path in my destiny. He has revealed himself to me and I am thankful. He is my guardian angel. He has taught me how to act when upset or angry. How to help my friends and loved ones in many ways. I sometimes wish I could live in his world where everyone accepts people for what they are. He has taught me to look deeper into a persons heart to see the real person. He has taught me to love a persons personality more than the appearance. His own relationship has taught me that nothing is impossible. I love him, my guardian angel. Beauty has no effect on me anymore. I donít look for looks, but I do look for caring, loyalty, attitude, endurance, and integrity. My friends think I am crazy, but I donít care. I donít need looks, but if it comes with the package, I wouldnít mind. Like my guardian angel. Vincent is his name and he came to me in a time of trouble. Helping me find my own way back into light. I owe him everything. I love him. My guardian angel and friend.