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Welcome to EnemySkill! EnemySkill is an online knowledge and history database. Here you will find articles, movies, and audio tracks that I feel are important, interesting, or historically significant. This database also hosts program files for various applications. I try my best not to discriminate against any certain operating system so you will find programs for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, BSD, Gentoo, DOS, and Debian. If I left you out then leave a comment by clicking on the Bug Report/Submit Comments/Mirror Requests link. If you already know what your looking for you can look for it in alphabetical order using the Complete Content List link. If you just want to browse around you can do so by format and topic. If you'd like to know if I'm still alive or just working on the site you can check out the Updates page and see just how lazy I actually am. Before you download anything be sure to check out the Disclaimer and don't try to blame me for anything stupid you do with the information this site contains. Peace everyone and to all a good night.

Why does EnemySkill exist?

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