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My Home Page

So, this is my site, yes, I know it has 'linux' somewhere in the URL, but this site really has nothing to do with linux, except I might put a link in here so you can get it, and a few occasional rants about how much better it is than windows. For those of you who don't even know what Linux is...ah, screw it, you don't need to know about it, it has nothing to do with this site. So what IS the reason for this site you say? Well, in simple terms for your simple mind(and mine)I truly have no idea. There will probably be downloads somewhere in here if I can figure out how to manage that, and if not, at least some links for downloads.

Some sites that aren't really my favorite but I will list here just because I can

Good place to download...things...
Need I say anything?
Good place for games
Brothers Website that you will have no access to because it requires a password, but I put the site here all the same, just because I can

I don't know what this part is for