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2003's Billionaires:
Survival of the Richest
It's hard enough making a billion-dollar fortune. These days, it's even harder to hold on to it.

In Forbes' 17th annual ranking of the world's richest people, we find out who's on top, who's
dropped off the list and which fortunate folks have been added.

Bill Gates is Still Numero Uno
Billionaire's Club - Complete List:

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Say 'So Long' to these 67
These drop-offs were not so lucky:
Go Oprah! Go Oprah!
She's one of 48 new arrivals:    -- SlideShow

Mr. Microsoft
What to do with $40.7 billion?
'Mr. Microsoft' investing in drug stocks

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who least deserves to be rich?

Rich royasl and dictators
richest heads of state

You have what it takes?
could you be a billionaire? take this quiz to see

in the hot seat
six billionaires with dirty laundry

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Friday June 20 2003
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More Shining Stars

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