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AF: Site Search

Search term:
Case-sensitive - yes
exact fuzzy

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javascript:openWindow (' h.html');

Make it easy for visitors to search your site.
To use this script, place the code in the text area
anywhere between the BODY tags of your HTML.

The sample code is in a table,
but you can format it any way you like.

When using the search, your visitors can opt for
an "exact" search
or a "fuzzy" search.

The latter calls up results with a matching prefix,
so if you search for "the"
your search will also find "then" and "thereabouts.


TP: Site Search

Search term:
Case-sensitive? yes
exact fuzzy

The "Case-sensitive" and "Search-type" functions are optional -
if you leave them out, the search will default to no case-sensitivity and exact search,
(meaning a search for "TrIPod" will find "Tripod") and exact search (in which a search for "Tripod homepages" will only produce exact matches).

The color value can be changed -
your search terms will be returned in this color. p

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