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Editserver Config


First off your going to need the latest version of subseven and you can get it from here

Once you have downloaded sub7 and extracted all the files you should have subseven.exe, editserver.exe, sub7remover.exe, iconchanger.exe, icqmapi.dll, packedserver.exe, unpackedserver.exe and two text files NewbiesStartHere.txt which you will need to help you make unpackedserver.exe undetected so those fuckers don't find it, tutorial.txt which will tell you enough to get started.

Editing the server

1. Click browse and select the server you want to edit and then click read current settings.



2. Startup methods

Click the start-up methods you want, I would click all of them apart from _not_known method. Key name: This is used as the registry name, change it to anything you want but try not to make it to obvious like: sub7, Trojan, or virus.


3. Notification options

Victim name: enter the name of your victim

ICQ notify: enter your ICQ number and tick the box.

IRC notify: enter the channel, IRC server and which port the servers on.

Email notify: I would just leave it out.


4. Installation

Chose a port to start your server on. You should change it from 27374 because other people can scan for your server. Use random port: simple click the box to start on a random port.

Now give your server a pass word and make sure you protect the server port and pass.

Enable IRC BOT: step 5

Use random file name unless you know one that your victim won’t recognise. Melt server after installation and configure fake error message to convince them it's not a virus. I would use a different binder from subseven as it only binds exe's.


IRC BOT Config

Server: same as in the notify

Port: same again

Nickname: give your bot a nick

Bot password: give it a pass

Prefix: a key that you will use to identify your bot. e.g. @login password

Channel to join: enter the channel you wish your bot to join.

Channel key: enter the password for the channel if there is one.

Now make sure you protected your server and give it a pass so no one else can edit it. Then save a new copy of server with your new settings.

Read the newbie’s file to make your server undetectable and have fun infecting.