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Welcome To The


Bahai Summer School


"The Summer School has been carrying on the divine work of bringing forth jewels from the mine of humanity and it is the hope of Shoghi Effendi and the friends here that those who have been trained in the Summer School will carry on the work in the various localities from which they come..."

From a letter dated 21 October 1925 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi
to the Green Acre Summer School, published in "Bahá'í News", 10 February 1926, p. 3

"If he attends his summer school - and everyone without exception is urged to take advantage of attending it - let him consider such an occasion as a welcome and precious opportunity so to enrich, through lectures, study, and discussion, his knowledge of the fundamentals of his Faith as to be able to transmit, with greater confidence and effectiveness, the Message that has been entrusted to his care."

Shoghi Effendi: The Advent of Divine Justice, Pages: 53-54


Message From The Cyprus Bahai Summer School Committee


    We would first of all like to thank all of the friends who came and supported our first summer school. We hope you all had a wonderful time, and enjoyed your stay on the island. To our speakers and honored guests our warmest regards and thanks as always goes out. We will be soon putting up pictures from the school, so please check back for those and updates for next years summer school. Also we had some problems with the email form, but now all is working so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to send us an email. Once again thank you all for your support.


                                                                      Cyprus Bahai Summer School Committee



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