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The job of an HR manager has become more complex, complicated and difficult as the business environment has become increasingly more turbulent with the advent of information and knowledge age . HR is gaining strategic importance as the Human resource is getting recognized to have the potential to make or break a organization in today's knowledge based economy . This make the case for search for better , holistic and dynamic techniques to aid management in general and HR in particular.

Jyotish is one such technique . It has long been used , albeit in an isolated way , in hush hush manner . Time has come to avail us of this treasure and make our progress by applying it in systematic way in a transparent manner .

Jyotish literally translates as seeking of light or enlightenment in an all pervasive manner. There is no allergy to any methodology , any system or any technique . Whatever works can be adopted , adapted , experimented with and used is the motto.

One of the main roles of HR is to make and match various profiles . Individual profile to job profile to company profile / culture to team profile and all this in the background of existing and changing business , social and political environment .

Most of the techniques available today are doing this job by snapshot techniques that is trying to match static profiles in static manner . Jyotish , in addition to providing scope for much wider and deeper differential synthesis also incorporates the unique quality of time dimension making it dynamic , subtle and responsive . Also Jyotish tends to shift the emphasis from analysis to synthesis thus creating a better simulation of reality .

This is our age old wisdom and time has come for us to study it in greater detail and apply it with gusto - the results have the potential to catapult us to the center stage of world success .

Case for use of Jyotish in Corporate Sector
Advantages of Jyotish over other available techniques
A Note on Other techniques available for HR

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