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Application of Jyotish in Human Resources

Recruitment and retention are becoming increasingly important roles for HR in the turbulent business environment today . Change as never before has become stark reality of business , social and political environment today and the rapidity of the same is amazing. Last ten years have been much more dynamic than the last 500 years put together in terms of rapidity of technological change , obsolescence , emergence of new trends and knowledge explosion . Project gestation periods have reduced drastically and so have project execution and survival periods . A company is born today , successful tomorrow and disappears from the scene the day after . Business and social equations change totally just overnight. For example the entry of Reliance in the mobile market has shaken the whole framework of not only the mobile telephony but also communication , entertainment and electronics market . Benchmarks and frame works , targets all will have to be changed and also one does not know how long the changed situation will last .
This dynamic change catapults the HR manager to the centre stage . he is managing the only asset of the company that is capable of being trained , changed , cultivated and harnessed with the rapidity of the changes in the environment and this asset has virtually no limits to adaptation if properly handled. Of course the HR manager has also to be a change agent , a catalyst and harbinger of change and predictor or change all rolled into one. This means that he needs to arm himself with the best available techniques and other paraphernalia in addition to improving his own profile considerably.
Hard techniques are suitable when the change is slow and certain while softer and flexible techniques are better suitable for dynamic and rapid changes .
The need today is to be able to find a dynamic , flexible and holistic technique that will take note of all external and internal factors and aid the HR manager to deliver better results.
Jyotish is one such technique.
Jyotish means the search for light that is never ending. Search towards realization , search towards enlightenment that is never final . Enlightenment that is like ever expanding horizon depending on the heights you manage to reach yourself . In search of light no stone is left unturned , no support or aid is a taboo and one can borrow from any related or unrelated faculty ( for Jyotish no faculty is unrelated as all are interrelated in one way or other in more magnitude or less ).
Jyotish can be seen as its different aspects as present today and many more can be added . Some aspects as seen today are
Horary Astrology
Electional Astrology
Mundane Astrology
Matchmaking Astrology
Body mind technique
Biorhythm technique
Psychology and psychometry
Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui
Collective Destiny Astrology

Many more can be added .

When one says the word " Jyotish " especially in so called educated circles a number of incredulous eyebrows are raised , and a number of negative connotations emerge and and solid all of " Not allowed here " type of responses is generated . Still a number of businessmen , industrialists , politicians , traders and others have been strident followers of Jyotish , in one way or the other , in India and abroad , in personal life and in corporate life and have reaped the benefits therefrom . The objections mainly arise out of nonscientific viewpoint . A scientific viewpoint will give it the same place as is given to Freudian psychology , economics , sociology ,and stock market and encourage empirical research therefrom .
Have you ever played cards ? Cards dealt to you are never changed , but how well you play our game depends on your gaming skills - which can make the difference between winning and losing .
Have you ever gone sailing ? In a sailboat ,you cannot change the nature of the sea waves nor can you change the direction of the wind - but if you are skillful sailor , you can set your sail to take maximum advantage of the wind and the waves.
Have you ever driven a car ? You cannot change the potholes on the road , taxis cutting in your lane , unruly motorcyclists , or oppressive bus drivers - but if you are a good driver , you can emerge at your destination in time , smiling and in good shape .
We call it as Destiny Management or applied Jyotish.

The newspaper astrology and various predictive methods which you may have come across are clubbed under the generic term PHAL Jyotish which basically deals with the there and then whereas when we say Jyotish we are dealing in the here and now . That is a major difference which colours all other inputs and outputs .

We are dealing with the present moment with the backdrop of the past events and dynamic possibilities of the future as are seen in the present and want to chart a tentative route to our dynamic destinations . If you notice I am increasingly using terms from three dimensional fields as it is nearest we have to the four dimensional environment .

The aim of this paper is to present a case for Jyotish , an age old effective technique of India from the golden past , that can be used very profitably to deal with the present dynamic situation .We are making an open ended presentation and not advocating one method over the other but are drawing your attention to the platform itself .

If one were to summarize the job requirements of an HR professional in one sentence it is likely to be MATCHING OF PROFILES. In recruitment the HR manager is matching the profile of the candidate with the job profile .
In team making , the individual profiles are matched together to make a congruent team that can work together and produce desired results . That is to say , a team profile is matched with the individual profiles put together .
In project management , the collective profile of the team is matched with the project profile .
In succession management , the candidate profile is matched with the profile of the outgoing or upgoing executive and the challenges of near future .
In training process , one aims at filling up the gaps between the available profile and more desirable profiles for the job.
This job is exceedingly difficult due to the dynamic nature of *all* the entities . All entities keep changing continuously ,have their own cycles of change and different dynamics . This is the dynamic reality . Almost all techniques available today are snapshot techniques . One snapshot is matched with another or a number of snapshots are cut and put together to make a collage and one prays that when the collage comes alive and merges together and is applied in four dimensions it will give us the desired results .
This can be compared to seeing a catalogue where pictures are shown of how to thread a sewing needle and passing the needle through the needle hole.
The fact is that each one of the involved entities is changing and while changing is having effect on all others and the collective environment. A dynamic matching needs to be done among all these .
It can be compared to trying to thread a needle while sitting on a tripod in a moving car driven at high speed over a pot holed mountain road . Can you imagine that ? Do you get the idea ?
Jyotish provides a number of satisfactory answers here as it is a system which developed to deal with dynamic reality . It can work at the snapshot mode if required ,as well as in the continuous filming mode and lends itself well to efficient editing if you are not interested in watching the entire movie .
The horoscope made at the time of birth of individual gives the psychological , physical and individual profile at time of birth . A snapshot . It also garners information about various aspects of his life as concerns ,body , family , abilities , potentials , likings , obstacles or weaknesses , relationships , beliefs and fears , traditions or inheritance , hereditary factors , work nature motivators and achilles heels . We can further clarify these aspects into twelve more and if need be twelve more giving us total combinations 1728 pieces of information of which we can choose whichever are relevant to us .
We need not concern ourselves with the detail differentiation at this stage as that will obfuscate the main aim of the paper . So let us treat it as only an illustrative example.
Now all this individual profile can be take forward in the dynamic environment of time , place and circumstances faced by the individual , the events happened to the individual and around him and the shaping of the personality therefrom and bring it to the present date . This gives us a much more detail and dynamic picture of the individual , his past and his potentials . This in other way is the complete growth profile of the individual . We not only know the qualities and potentials of the individual but also how these have manifested over the years , which have grown and which have been subdued or suppressed , which have been quietly buried underground and which are raring to come out . This basically gives us what the individual was , what has happened in the intervaining period , what is he today and why so and where is he likely to from here and to what extent . This addition of dimension of time to the profile is the most important gift of the technique of Jyotish . This gives us much in depth insight into the individual , his growth , his motivations , learning styles and other qualities.
For example learning may have been the prime motivation when one joins a well known organization - learning of latest techniques and technologies , working on latest machines but as age advances the person starts looking for better monetary rewards and may be lured by a middle sized competitor . If we are able to track this shift , we will be able to make available a congruent area in the same organization on the front line , thus better retaining the trained human asset .
For a successful salesman travelling 22 days a month may become a bit too tiring part of the job . He may want to be able to devote more time to his family . If this shift is foreseen ,the organization may be able to shift him to say an advisory function in the marketing department where his earlier face to face interactions with the ground realities will be of great help in designing of marketing campaigns.
If a super aggressive salesman gets promoted to managerial group at wrong time - he may not be mature enough to comprehend all the variables needed for successful team building - instead he may put his successful sales techniques to use to persuade the team members to agree to his proposals - which may not be n the best interest of the organization . In this case instead of denying a promotion may not be the solution . But if we are able to see the change , we may want to send the person for a behavioral or self discovery program as interlude before going on to the promotion or may be a course in management will suffice . In both cases , the horizons of the individual will expand and he will be able to cope up better with the demands of the new job.
Jyotish can provide the tracking insight necessary .
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