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Advantages of Jyotish

Following are some points which favor use of Jyotish in corporates

1. The system lends itself very well for deep differential analysis . At basic level itself it gives 2916 categories . Rashis No 12 , Nakshatras No 27 , Planets No 9.

2. The system also offers interesting short cuts sothat full differential analysis need not be necessary in every case. Thus the system can work equally well on individual as well as group basis .

3. In addition to the variable of personality , Jyotish introduces further dimension of time . This makes it the only dynamic system available for HR . All other systems depend on snapshots of individual or group behavior.

4.It considers the personality from the perspectives of innate traits , upbringing and environment and potential .

5. Psychologists like Carl Jung have gone on record saying that one look at the horoscope is equivalent to six months of psychotherapy for a person . It is a pity that we have not cultivated proper use of this art as we have done with psychology in corporate area .

7.Mundane astrology deals with collective destiny , making it easier to see the big picture and act accordingly .

8. In team management , Jyotish can not only point out who will work well with whom it can also show the nature of disputes that may arise from time to time , thus management can be forewarned and forearmed to avoid personality or ego clashes .

9.Mundane astrology gives the trends of collective destiny , thus making it useful in launching of new schemes , new breakthroughs etc .

10. In team building , Jyotish introduces the concept of the facilitator , a person whose presence itself makes the team move smoother , though he may not contribute any skills , like a catalyst in chemistry .

11.Jyotish treats every issue in a holistic manner . Thus the behavior or a person in the organization , in social connections , in family life all come under scrutiny and thus a much better match can be made available for the individual as well as the corporate .

12.It avoids a situation when the person may be very skillful in what he is doing , but due to long boredom being in the same job may not be able to contribute much to the organization. Jyotish can pinpoint changeover periods sothat the person can be given much better posting to rekindle his interests . This way Jyotish is fully holistic concept .

13. It promotes understanding among staff , as they tend to understand frustrations , individuals emotions and motivations better .


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