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Subject: Gs, check out these great "Travel" sites! - eTour's Travel Hot Picks
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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:57:58 -0500
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Hot Picks - Travel
Gs's Travel Hot Pick for 12/19/00


Fight Traffic Now, Reward Yourself Later
Norwegian Cruise Line
Plan now and reward yourself for surviving hectic holiday travel with a Norwegian Cruise. Let someone else step into the driver's seat this April as you enjoy six days cruising the Pacific Coast for just $499. For a longer escape, take a 15-day voyage through the Panama Canal from just $1,699. Just thinking about this fabulous vacation will get you through the toughest traffic jams of the season.

Let This Travel Detective Teach You How To Avoid Airline Delays
This year, labor disputes and wacky winter weather all but guarantee you'll run into trouble at the terminal. Peter Greenberg offers five tips to protect yourself from a miserable airport experience.

Make It A Road Trip To Remember
Rand McNally
The journey is half the fun...right? It can be once the atlas masters help you plan a painless road trip. Plot your route and find plenty to do and see along the way.

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Friendly Advice For Traveling Families
Traveling with the tykes can be as much fun as a root canal if you're not careful. Fear not, these tips will help you smooth out any type of holiday trip. The kiddies won't even have a chance to ask: "Are we there yet?"

Melissa Stampley

eTour Travel Hot Picks are edited by Melissa Stampley - "PUNCH BUGGY RED!"

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