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Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 09:39:36 -0500
From: New2USA<>  | 
To: New2USA Members
Subject: Don't miss all the exciting new things at New2USA this week!

Have you seen Destination USA?

It is the perfect guide for people who plan on making the United States their home. New2USA has taken the most popular and useful articles from our site and put it into an easy to read book that you can carry with you and access at any time. Destination USA is free of charge to those members who register through New2USA for the diversity lottery. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

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U.S. States
Destination Guide
New2USA members ... Introducing our new Legal Center powered by
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Dual Citizenship : Learn the rules ...
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It's Party Time! : Have some fun ...
Jet Set Pets: Learn more ...

There is another issue of Welcoming the World out this week and 
you don't want to miss our new travel resources or
a chance to purchase Destination USA. Destination USA
is the perfect guide for people who plan on making the 
United States their home!

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