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Here Is More Blackies!

Jigger Nigger!!!1

Well here it is folks. We've had some mass protests, a couple of rapes and dead cats sent to our front door with notes attached demanding the black man. Well to make this site more racialy diverse we've added Jigger Nigger a black man who paints pictures of his mom naked and enjoys making comics at !!1

Old Darky

I hope this site is 23.1% better now that there is a black man. Jigger Nigger used to be a hobo that hid under the pavillions, but luckily we caught him and forced him to tell us were he got his hat. Here is what he said:

BTA "Hey (Jigger)Nigger where'd you get your rag top mother f###er!"

Nigger "What the hell, you mofos whatcha doin with that burrito suns of b!!!!1es. Sheit dog you must be trippin."


Heres Jigger Niggers friend. They like to follow him around and call out his name and late at night they enjoy praising the lord by lighting crosses in his yard. Jigger Nigger you got silly friends, in their white costumes and all.