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Have you ever wanted to have something in your room that was awsome to look at? Sure you have looked at lava lamps, glow lamps and specilized lights, but they all turn out to be very expensive. Well I will teach you how to make a glow lamp that will make any guest speechless.

These are the materials that are needed to make your own glow lamps:

1. A blacklight.

2. An old highlither.
  • The highlighter color should be flourescent green, flourescent yellow, orange or pink. Usually no other color works.
    3. An empty bottle.
  • Any glass bottle will do as long as they are about a third of a foot tall. Make sure that you do not use jars and that you have the top to the bottle.
  • What works best: old coke bottles, clear wine bottles, oil bottles.

  • 4. A pair of pliers.
    5. A set of tweezers.
    6. A knife.
    7. Hot water.

    Follow these simple directions and you will have your own glow lamp in no time at all. First of all rinse your bottle and place it upside down to dry. When the bottle is dry, using the knife, cut a small slit at the end of the highlighter. After which, use the pliers to rip open the little portion where you have made the slit. Be careful no to hold the side with the slit facing down.This is where it gets tricky.

    Most highlighters have a little rod like object where all the dye is stored. If this is the case with your hightligher, use your tweezers to carefully take out the rod and place it in the bottle. If in case your highlighter does not have the rod, rather liquid coloring, pour the liquid into the bottle. After pouring or placing the rod in the bottle, fill the bottle with hot water. Make sure to fill the bottle all the way to the top. After filling the bottle, close it with its cover. Leave the bottle at a vertical position for a few hours. The dye will slowely mix with the hot water and pretty soon you will have some funky looking water. But you are not done yet.

    When you think the dye has completely mixed in with the water. Take your bottle and place it in front of the black light. If the dye is completely mixed, your bottle will glow the color of the highlighter. If youre bottle is not glowing properly, you might have done two things wrong. One, your highlighter might not have had enough dye or second, your dye has not completely mixed with the water in which case give it a little time. Be careful not to make a mess when you do this project. Keep lots of paper towels nearby. Remember to have fun and experiment with it to get some funky glow lamps.

    Here are some of mine.

    Here is my room when my glow lamps are on