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Welcome To My Explosives Website!

All of the procedures for these explosives can be found in my PDF which can be dowloaded by clicking on any of the explosives listed below.

The PDF currently availible for download is just a preview. Right now the instructions arent detailed and use hard to find precursors. Eventually ill try to have more than one procedure for each explosive. Some that use lab grade chemicals, and some that are geared towards home chemists and use easy to find chemicals. Ill also have more pictures and illustrations. If you attempt to make ANY of these explosives, research them on the internet and find more information about them. I have not listed special properties and additional information on most explosives in my PDF. This could be very dangerous to the perosn trying to make them. So before you attempt to make any of these, look them up or ask on the forum.
I almost forgot, im not responsible for any of your actions after reading my PDF.

Table of contents:

Primary Explosives:
1a) Acetone peroxide
1b) HMTD
1c) DDNP

High explosives:
2a) Methylpicric acid
2b) Picric acid
2c) Methylene Dinitramine
2d) Ethylenediamine Dinitrate
2e) 4,6-Dinitroresorcinol
2f) Hexanitrobiphenyl
2g) 2,4-Dinitrophenol
2h) Trinitrotoluene
2i) Styphnic Acid
2j) RDX
2k) DPT
2l) Nitroglycerin
2m) Hexamethylenetetramine Dinitrate

Blasting Compositions:
3a) ANFO B