These are da ppls i hang out out skool wif. well most of dem newayz! hehe

Left - right: Rick, Mike B., Mi, Eugene, Mike H. "oh im in pain! so much pain!" hehe


Left - Right: Diep, Yung, have no idea, and have no idea.  hehe "Smile!"

Left - Right: have no idea, Jenni, Trang, My Loan. "Lookin goot Girls!"


Left - Right: May, Trang, Thoa "Supa Models"


Left - Right:top: William, Phillip, Due, William, Allan, Phoung, Bottom: Hien, Ky, Dye, Nhan, Tung, Jimmy, Frank


Left - Right: Jobert, Eugene, Trang, Jeffery A.


Left - Right: Rick, Mike B, Trang, May, Mike H. "Look ahead Rick!"


Left - Right: Ky, Trang, Mike B, Mike H. "ish dat i alien i C??"


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