Sexy Underwear 

(Darwin Seegmiller, Armando Visperas)


Lyin' here tryin' to understand
what you did to my body last night
reached my pinnacle so many times
you must've been in overdrive
I'm wonderin' when
I can see you again
'cause I've turned into a nympho for you
a junkie addicted to you


I don't care if you have someone else
I'm willing to keep this discreet
just as long as you're down
to get freaky with me,oh


I don't need you to love me
and I don't need you to care
just please me, tease me
scold me, and control me
and come over.....
and don't forget to wear your sexy underwear

verse 2

Thinkin' 'bout how you tied my hands
and rubbed ice up and down my chest
then you poured on me hot candle wax
and scared me almost half to death
I dig how you're kinky that way
how you'll do anything
girl I'll lay the roles that you want me to play
and act out all your fantasies


I don't care where you learned all these things
fact is that I'm grateful you did (it's fun and adventurous)
baby, I'm down on my knees
for you to come lay it on me

repeat hook


I can't recall all the things you did to me last night
all I feel are the stings from the scratches on my back
and that delicious pain baby never felt so right
so can I get some more of that baby
because I've turned into a nympho for you
a junkie addicted to you.

repeat hook

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