There is a scary story behind dish pic!  It is said dat dish chick in da pic was a chick and durin world war 2 she was apparently gang raped by a group of Japanese soldiers in da cemetery.  Several years laterz a foreign photographer came to dish cemetery, he heard da stories about ppl feelin her presence der and sumfing told him to tak a pic of it and so he did.  Wen he developed da photo she appeared.

Now it is said dat wen u look at dish pick she transports herself to ur house or wateva. and u have to do sumfing but i forgot wat it was to get her away from ur house.  If ya dunt get her away from ur house u r supposed to like start seein her in ur dreams and she will ask u to get revenge in da japanese soldiers by makin ya kill member of ur family or who eva.  Pretty scary stuff isnt it?


This i dunno wats da story behind dish pic BUt by judgin by da pic i say its bout a girl who dies in a very poorly run hospital.  SHe was sufferin from a terminal and incurable decease but da doctors didnt do all dey could.  she was not da only patient in da hospital who died becoz da doctors didnt care and dey didnt treat da patients properly, and so she died a very long, painful death.

Although da hospital is closed down it is still standin.  It is said dat in da hall ways der r patients wonderin around still waitin to b treated or cured.  and in dish pic we c a young girl tryin to look for her parents and friends  lookin to dem for comfort but since da doctors didnt allow visitors she wonders around da corridors lookin for ppl to look toward for comfort.

Dish next pic is da scariest pic of dem all.  its even scarier dan da previous pic.  I dunt need to tell da story behind it.  i fink da pic wil tell its own story.  if ur not dat strong i suggest u dunt look at dish pic.  just a lil warning for ya.  if ya look and u faint from it, i will not b held responsible. but its a must look at pic. just click on da link below.!


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