These are just pics of ppls and stuff. hehe enjoy!

Left - Right: David, i dunno, Tri, Jeffrey A, Fong


Left - Right:top: Chris, Ruben, have no idea, no idea, no idea, daffy, superman, katrina. bottom: forgot, dunno, ruth and michael.


Left - Right: Hien, Rick, Eugene, top: Dye, bottom: Jimmy, Daniel,Nhan, Ton, Duie

Left - Right: Eugene, Frank, Dye, Ton, Nhan, Daniel, Rick, Duie, Hien

these are da "salvos" chicks. dey all go to CCCC.

Left - Right: Pamela, Marika, Vanessa, Karen, Lyn, Ailene, Anna, Michelle,Norren, Charlie, Arlene, Jana (covered), Julie


Left - Right: Mike H, Rick, Mike B, Trang,  Mi


Left - Right: Thoa, Trang, Yung, Angela.








Left - Right: Davis, Daniel, Ky, Rick, Trang, Mi, Dunno who da person wif da finger, Mike B, Mike H



Left - Right: Thoa, Rick Diep, Angela, Mi, Viet.







Left - Right: Mike B, Mike H, Alixis




Left _ Right: Arlene(i fink), Julie, Oen, Lyn


                                                                                                  Left - Right: Jenny, May, Minh

  May and Jana

These are Marian Chicks

Left - Right: no idea, Josephina, Joy, Lynch, Stef, Mutya, Fritz, Jovy


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