Never No Never 

(Darwin Seegmiller, Armando Visperas) 

are you ready for a little bit of drop n harmony 
all the ladies in the house, 
let me hear you say ooh, ahh 
drop'n'harm you make me hot 
let me hear you say ooh, ah 
drop'n'harm you make me hot (come on now) 
and if you're down with dnh and you got filipino pride 
pump your fist up in the air 
let me hear you say yeah 
let me hear you say yeah 

all i do is fantasize about you 
girl you blow my mind 
whenever you're here next to me 
oh i feel so alive inside 
(i'm waitin' so patiently for you to be mine) 
don't ever want to do a thing without you 
you're the "l" in my life 
you treat me with honesty, dignity, and respect 
never a moment where i won't admit 

it's so incredible 
how you're so wonderful 
to get my mind off you is damn near impossible 
oh girl i can't explain it 
you put a spell over me, over me 

baby girl, i love you so 
never no never no, will i ever let you go 
i want you by my side, 'til the day i die 
forever baby to heaven we fly 
baby girl, i need you so 
never no never no, will i ever do you wrong 
i'll treat you right babe, 'til the day i die 
forever baby till heaven we fly 

when we make love it's like paradise 
where mountains of passion 
take us through the night 
and we don't stop 
no we don't stop 'til we see the morning light 
you never have to worry (no) 
never no about a thing 
i'll love you endlessly from summer to spring 
you're the only one whose made me see 
just how special being in love could be 
that's why i say 



i never knew such happiness could be happening to me 
oh and i never no never thought i'd ever find someone 
who could be (3x) 
as wonderful as you (my lonely days and nights are through) 
so confident and cool (this heart of mine will always be true) 
and i'll never stray from the love you bring 
believe me when i say that i'm completely in love with you 


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