Net PplZ!

Dish ish sum ppls i talk to in mirc.  Most of dem in da channel SLow^jam.  Come in sum time and chat der.  its a goot place to chat!..........hehe...........c ya in der!




these are da angelic angelz.  dey all come from C.C.C.C. if ya wanna chat to these angelic angels their chan is #angelic in Mirc.






this is bryner, also know as bry.



this is lorida.  c lorida it didnt wreck my webpage.........hehe! wat were u on bout b4?


and dish ish Mike H.


dish ish dianne wif her friend who i have no idea wats da name...hehe!



dish ish debz or debbie!  :)






Most of these ppls r slow^jam ppls so if ya in mirc join da #slow^jam channel.  Der r more ppls who i havent got a pic off yet. so u better give mi a pic so i can put it up here.! okies, aites, koolies.........hehe!




If U r wonderin Y ders only pics in here? well................(no mike h, mike b and rick dat doesnt mean im da p word u alwayz call mi coz im not! sssssssshhhh!) its becoz all da guys either have no pics to give mi or dey too shy to b posted up yeah! (so im not wat u fink i am sifu mike h. hehe! 


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