this is da couples page.  it contains da people i know dat are in a relationship or has a partner.  It was a goot idea in da beginnin until i realized dat not many of da ppl i mostly hang wif is in a relationship.  so as u can c ders not dat many couples in dish COUPLES page.  nice huh?  if ur in a relationship and want every 1 to know send mi da pic and ill post it up for ya. mi email ish i wish i can put miself in here but.............i cant. haha!



Dish our first couple.  If ive happen to copy ne1 wif dish couples page, u can blame these two.  Dey da ones who told mi to put dish page.  Dish is Karen and Robert.  Deyve been goin out 4 sum time now, 1  yr and bits i fink and still goin strong.  Dey 1 of da most closest friends to mi.  Enjoy each other and maybe one day im goin to b ur best man rob.  haha! keep it up.




this happy couple ish mike b. and fritzy! mike is a st.john's boy while fritz ish a marian chick.  ish dat a match made in heaven or wat? i dunno u tell mi.................hehe! dey been together for couples of months i fink not really sure.  keep smilin ppls. :)




this couple is konkie and her boyfriend! i dun really know much bout dem but yeah, dey aites......hehe wat else can i say at least dey r up here so ................. yeah! hehe.





dish couple ish trang and thanh. hope i spelt dat rite? hehe...... dey a happy couple rnt dey?