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The Spirit gods

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The stories of those who attempted to see the spirits.


There are three all mightly and powerful god spirtits whose power can never come close to matching.

The first god Aka'is, spirt of the sky and heavens, yet an all-mightly and powerful one. His location: billions of miles into the sky where no one can ever reach him. Every so often a glims could be caught, but that is all.

One day a man brave as i decided that he could reach this god. I knew how to do it, and i knew i would be able to do it. So i built a handy rocket and possitioned it atop a 100 story appartment building. There were no escape latters on the outside, because the place had been out of use ever since the fire many years ago.

But i had a plan. This was the tallest building in the area meaning it was the closest to the sky god. I had worked many hard days and nights in preparation of this plan and i had finally reached the day to put it into action.

One day i brought a home-build ladder, complements to myself, to the building. I decided i would remane this building, Aka'is Inc. The building was very far away from my home, but i dragged the ladder all the way to Aka'is Inc. It was a skinny building in width and length, but i stuck it on the left side of the back of the building.

I had my assistent follow me. After the ladder was in possition, he took the rope that he brought and handed it to me. I took one end of it, and began to climb 100 stories.

When i finally reached the top, i held onto the rope tightly, and my assistance began to climb as well. After he stepped onto the roof, he began to fasten the rope around the top of the ladder to the building itself. This way it wouldn't fall, making our return impossible.

Then again, i know that i will make it up to Aka'is, so returning isn't that big of a deal. I shall spend the rest of my days in the sky. When i arrive, i will challenge Aka-Is to a fight, and i shall be the victor. He has no power over me.

On top of Aka'is was not only my rocket, but a control room. When my assistant finished securing the ladder down, he scurried over to the room and began to work.

I took in a deep breath of satisfying work. I knew this would work. I knew i would be the destened one to finally beat Aka'is.

My assistant called me over. I smiled proundly, and walked over to him in the room. He first pushed a button which made the ceiling of the control room fall off, making it now possible to fly right out of the room. He quickly moved the rocket to the inside and strapped me into it.

The only requirement was that i give my blood to the fuel. The blood would be added to the small supplies of fuel, causing a chemical reaction, sending the rocket up to the sky.

He inserted the needle into my arm. I winced at first, but then thought nothing of it. I watched the tube that my blood was going into. It was quickly filling up into a small pitcher.

So much blood. But i was feeling fine. And if this works, i will never have to worry about my blood again, for i will be the imortal god who defeated Aka'is.

My assistant finished and pulled out the needle. He wrapped a bandage around my arm to prevent further blood lose. He was worried. Does that mean he has no faith in me? In my plan? He shall suffer when i am with Aka'is.

My assistant then hurried around the room to a control pannel. This was it. I was about to come face to face wtih Aka'is, and then i would crush him. His arms that spit fire are no match for me. I am invinsible.

He pressed a few buttons and a count down began. The room turned blue from the many blue lights that went on surrounding me. I was smiling. This is it. The moment i have been waiting for. The time that a brave man would finally challenge Aka'is's powers, then defeat it.

Five, four, three, two...


The lights went off, and the open-roofed room was flooded with sunlight. What happened? My assistant told me that it was impossible to ever reach Aka'is. Foolish, i told him.

I unstrapped myself, and took a look around the rocket. The engine had exploded. I must have not given enought blood. Just a little bit more...

I decided that we shall try again. This time, with a new ladder. The tighter the ladder, i found out, the more stable the building would be when the rocket took off. Two should secure it down.

I began my decent down the first ladder and took my leave. Within an hour i returned dragging another hand hand ladder with me. My assistant had climbed down before and went to get more rope. When he returned i secured the ladder once again, and began to climb with some rope in my hand.

When i had made it to the top my assistant tied the ladder down harder and tighter than before. This time, it would work.

I ripped off my bandage and walked into the room. The blood from the needle began to leak out. My assistant ran after me, telling me that i had already lost too much blood for one day.

I am strong. My body has pleanty of blood.

I sat in the chair again and strapped myself in. The blood from the previous needle was still leaking out, but i could take it.

I ordered my assistant to take my blood again in order to make the rocket fly. At first he didn't want to. But after i threatened to kill his family and make him eternally suffer, he did as i pleased.

My assistant stuck the needle in the other arm and began to drain my blood. My healthy blood. The blood that would get me to Aka'is.

The tube filled up again. There were no lights this time. My assistant pressed the button.

I fell. Off the chair. Blood was pouring out of my arms, my eyes, and from every blood vessel left in me.

I was dead.