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Below is a host of fan fiction written by several fan fiction writers for the show of General Hospital. So take a seat, sit back, and enjoy what these gals have to offer!

Hope you enjoy, and please don't forget that feedback is a beautiful thing!

Michelle Grogan

Opening Night

Summary: It is opening night at the Haunted Star. Anything can happen....

Rated: PG=13

A Growing Family

Summary: This is a story about the birth of Skye and Lorenzo baby. In this story, Diego is living at home and not the dorm. (A/N: this was originally written last summer, so it doesnít totally go with the current storyline Ė the Diego stalker thing did not happen).

Rated: PG-13


Summary: Five very different men all see themselves for who they really are Ė but can they face the truth when they see their reflections?

Rated: PG-13


Summary: Jason told Sam its over. Jason and Samís POVís One Shot

Rated: PG-13


Summary: Two lovers are brought back together by an unexpected source.

Rated: PG-13

Tequila Nights

Summary: Four women have a bad day and meet up for some fun and Tequila. Anything can happen.

Rated: PG-13

The Forbidden Series

Forbidden Love

Summary: Alcazarís estranged 19-year-old daughter comes to Port Charles unexpectedly and refuses to have anything to do with her fatherís business dealings. She becomes friends with Carly despite the history between her and Alcazar. She also becomes romantically involved with a certain mob-bossís right hand man. Can their love survive, even if it means a war between two rival families?

Rated: R (for violence)

Is Love Enough?

Summary: Jessica Alcazar is recovering from her ordeal with Ric Lansing, but sheís not the same person she was before. Will Alcazar and Jason lose her for good?

Rated: R (for violence)

Love's Endurance

Summary: Jason Morgan and Lorenzo Alcazar are trying to move on with their lives after the death of the woman they both loved deeply. Set two years later. Sequel to Is Love Enough?

Rated: R (for violence)

Tortured Hearts

Summary: Samantha McCall finds out she is carrying Jason Morgan's child. And as her and Jason grow closer and prepare for the birth, a shocking secret is revealed that could rip it all away.

Rated: R (for violence)

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