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The National English Pouter Club is growing each year and this is attributed to the English Pouter Breeders making birds available. In the Mid-west there are a few guys who have been able to build up their stock to have enough to sell. Rick Wood and Dan Bucu have provided a number of new English Pouters Enthusiasts birds to get started with. Keith Vandergriff has sold some English as of late. Adam Kuhn from Illinios has a great attitude and is excited to get his English going and is breeding a few pairs from his basement. The weather in the Mid-west is very cool going into the new year with temps of single digits. Rick Wood has mentioned his hens were ready to lay with a warm snap of 3 days. For most breeding in mid-west the sub-freezing temps will kill the eggs off quicker than anything.

The 2013 show is behind us and there were a number of nice English Pouters shown by Rick Wood and Jeff Clemens. The show was judged by Mike Hughes and a big thanks goes out to Mike, he even picked up a few pairs from Rick that he took back home with him. Adam Kuhn picked up some English from Rick and Jeff, he's expected to be a force in 2014 at the show halls. Rick Wood has built himself a very nice breeding team and is expecting to breed from 5-6 pairs in 2014. Dan Bucu didn't have the year he wanted in the breeding loft but is looking forward to 2014. I think we'll see Mike Hughes, Lupe Hernandez and a couple others who are gaining interest.
Good Luck to All in 2014!

About 20 years ago a fellow Iowan, Tim Burke of Iowa City wrote an article that I kept and I feel it's appropriate for this site.

2 rules to live by in this wonderful hobby.....
  • Rule #1 Never carry a grudge against another pigeon fancier!

    What you will end up doing is everytime you see the birds you will think about that individual who made you mad. Soon, the birds aren't fun to keep and the only thing you can think about is how to get even with that dirty so and so. Then you start to spread rumors, think of ways to degrade that person and maybe, if you are really irrational, how to sabotage the club that he is involved in. In the meantime you begin to take your frustrations out on your poor wife and kids. Your family needs love, not to hear about the frustrations you have in your hobby. Grudges are irrational and immature. Try to get along with everyone. There is no way that we can expect to be friends with everyone in the hobby, there are too many diverse personalities for that. BUT, that doesn't mean we have to spend our time in the hobby being hateful and spiteful. It doesn't hurt the person you don't like , it only hurts you and makes you look like the fool!

  • Rule #2 Never act like it is you in the judging pen instead of the bird!

    This happens all too often. People leaving the show mad because they didn't place first in a class. Now stop and think about these next couple sentences..... WHO HAD FIRST PLACE RED NORWICH OLD HEN AT THE 2005 DES MOINES MEET? WHO HAD CHAMPION POUTER AT THE 2009 PAGEANT, LOUISVILLE OR AT THE DES MOINES MEETS? Can't remember, can you? Neither do I. WHY? Because in the overall scheme of things it just simply isn't that important! Now I am not saying you shouldn't breed the best you can, get them in great condition and show trained, be a strong competitor. Those things greatly add to the enjoyment of the hobby for everyone. BUT, if you didn't win and think you should have, remember the times you did win and maybe shouldn't have!

    Along the same line, I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to have your best bird who has been extensively show pen trained decides not to show on the big day! TAKE CARE! Cooing at the bird, hooting, shouting, clapping your hands, tapping the show cage, and talking to the judge are all perceived by others as very poor sportsmanship. DON'T DO IT! DON'T GET YOUR PRIORITIES MIXED UP! SHOWS ARE FUN, BUT WINNING IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS THE FRIENDS YOU MAKE IN THE HOBBY! NEVER ACT LIKE IT'S YOU IN THE JUDGING PEN INSTEAD OF THE BIRD!

    Timothy Burke, Dec 1994

    ***As we reflect back on 2012 much has happen, the death of Marvin Hixon in Oct, Big Shows this past fall and successful breeding season for a majority of the pouter & cropper breeders due to a mild winter. Each year we lose special people in this hobby and that's a part of the cycle of life, so we need to build the bench.

    When someone approaches you with the same enthusiasum that brought you into the hobby take them under your wing so to speak and teach them the ways of being a successful pouter & cropper hobbiest. I think the majority of us can think back of an instance that someone was excited to talk to us and we were too busy with our own lives to take the time to quench that thirst of theirs. If we don't share their enthusiasum then we've lost them, they will go find the attention somewhere else. I remember how I really like Fantails and English Trumpters as a youngster but nobody wanted to teach me the ways or sell birds to me. I really worked hard mowing lawns and shoveling snow to make money to purchase my first pigeons. I was helped by two guys who are my greatest influence in English Pouters.....Ken Cran and Ben Benegas. I'd spend 1-2 hours a day at Kenny's house watching his birds through the doors of his loft and Ben taught me so much about raising good birds and what to look for. Rick Wood and I discussed English Pouters on and off over the past 30 years and Rick has always promoted the English. Adil Hrnic, Frank Barrachina and Marvin Hixon in my later years helped me with purchasing some stock birds as did a few others. Guys like Frank get so many calls about pigeons that they just don't always have the time to spend on the phone to chat Pouters and Croppers. I understood that but it didn't help me quench my thirst for knowledge. Marvin Hixon was the man who loved to talk English Pouters and we spent some time doing that and I loved it! Thanks Marvin, you are truly missed!

    So if you have people calling and wanting to learn about the hobby....take the time to help them, teach them and keep them excited. Make them feel special and a member of the Pouter & Cropper family; it's a must if we want the hobby to continue. I think it's paramount that we all do our part to keep the excitement in the hobby, keep it positive! Winning at all costs isn't the approach that will keep the hobby growing and leaving a positive legacy for yourself. It may give you fame and allow you to sell your birds at a higher price but the hobby is bigger than each one of us, it's a collection of all of us. We can get more accomplsihed together as a team than as individuals. If anyone is out there that needs their thirst quenched please feel free to call me and we'll chat! Contact Jeff Clemens at 719-339-6394. I know that Jeff Hankey always like to hear from Pouter people and he'll talk shop with you. Jeff's number is 314-791-1791. I will also reply to emails or letters, both are listed at the bottom of this page.

    Lastly, if you have a facebook page, then add photos of your birds on there; let people see your hobby and generate some questions. Who know's you may bring a friend into the hobby that you may have thought didn't have any interest. Generally friends and other people will make comments about the birds and for the most part they are positive. Give it a try!

    *I will continue this section with comments on other Pouter Breeders who are making an impact as I find the time. There are so many guys and gals out there who are excelling in their particular breeds and we need to recognize them for their efforts in the loft and showroom.

    Here's a egg hatching chart you can use to count down
    those days until your eggs will hatch. Egg Hatch Chart

    Request: Guys and Gals we are looking for articles
    of your experiences or great ideas that pertain to English Pouters.
    If you have some great pictures of your birds or loft,
    champion birds at various club shows, please pass them along to Jeff Clemens.

    National English Pouter Association Webmaster: Jeff Clemens, 424 North 18th Street, Fort Dodge, Ia 50501